REPORT: Canada’s Homicide Rate Now Highest In A Decade

Gang violence surges.

Canada’s homicide rate has surged, reaching a ten-year high.

There are 1.8 homicide victims for every 100,000 Canadians, the highest rate since the year 2009.

In 2017, there were 660 homicides in the country.

Gun killings have surged, but contrary to the message being pushed by the corrupt elites, those killings were not committed by law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

Instead, those killings were largely gang-related.

In 2015, homicides by gang-related gun violence were 12% of all homicides. In 2017, gang-related shootings increased to 21% of all homicides.

Toronto had the most gun homicides, but the biggest surge in the overall homicide rate came in B.C., where the rate was up 32%.

Additionally, the number of shootings that featured a rifle or shotgun continued to decline, while gang-related shootings with illegal handguns surged. Of course, a handgun ban would do nothing to stop that, since criminals don’t follow the gun laws anyway.

And it’s not just homicides that are up. Robbery, aggravated assault, rape, and attempted murder are all increasing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gang violence will keep surging as long as the Lieberals keep ignoring Canada’s laws or changing them. I am also reading that the U.N. has asked Canada to take in the caravan invasions at the USA border or send money to support them (in the LAHT) and the USA believes there are many criminals in these invaders carrying their home countries flags, singing their own national anthems, while fleeing their countries. So we probably can expect a rise in crime, but maybe we will be lucky, it is an election year so the LIEberal media is only saying what the… Read more »


“And it’s not just homicides that are up. Robbery, aggravated assault, rape, and attempted murder are all increasing.”
MORE! MORE! MORE! We must push these apathetic, emotionless Canadians to fight for what they have or take it from them! Keep the heat on! The country will be ours!


Having seen the frightened rabbits in the headlights reaction of Canadians to Mexicans and central Americans in large numbers when visiting, and been cautioned that MS13 was active in the Toronto area it comes as little surprise that violent crimes of all kinds are on the rise. Add in the corrosive effect of dilution, by importing those on the left hope will vote for them and keep them in power, with all the ‘baggage’ they bring with them as well, unless the Canadians wake up and smell the coffee it’s game over.