Trudeau Government Announces $600 MILLION Media Bailout

It’s even worse than many people feared.

In their economic update, the Trudeau Liberals have announced a series of measures that add up to a $600 million media bailout.

Instead of letting the Canadian People pick and choose which media companies to support freely, the Trudeau Liberals are forcing you to bail out the media that they pick – using your tax dollars to do it.

The government has announced a series of ‘tax credits and incentives,’ which will cost $600 million over the next five years.

While the dollar amounts of the bailout have been announced, the government says the specifics will be decided after they consult an ‘independent panel.’ Among the expected ideas are a ‘tax credit’ (really cheques being sent to media corporations) for labour costs and content creation, alongside a tax credit for subscribers of digital media sites.

Surely it’s just a coincidence that the Toronto Red Star just put a paywall in and is shifting towards a subscription model…

Of course, nobody on the panel will recommend not giving the media a huge bailout at taxpayer expense.

The big problem is that – beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars – the government will be picking which media companies end up getting bailed out.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to hide the true nature of the program by saying it will be ‘independent’ from political interference, but everybody who understands life knows that’s a total joke. Whoever picks the ‘independent panel’ has the power, and it’s easy to pick people who will do exactly what you want them to do.

For example, does anyone really think any true independent voices will be picked by the government?

And does anyone really think that the prospect of a gigantic bailout won’t influence the news coverage of desperate reporters?

After all, with the Conservatives opposing measures to bailout the media at taxpayer expense, there is now a massive financial incentive for the media to keep the Trudeau Liberals in power. There’s zero chance that won’t influence the reporting.

This is disastrous for Canada, because it means that any remnants of a free press we once had will be lost. Nearly all of the media – aside from independent voices like and others – will either be dominated by the state-run CBC, or will be in ‘private companies’ that are surviving only based on government funding, and are thus beholden to the state.

It’s a serious blow to democracy, and the consequences will be very negative for our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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With the already highly bias trudeau loving, leftist / liberal cheer leading /propaganda media & soros big money, the rat will be even harder to vote out. Shared.


The communist left is all about control.
Definition of Liberal = Acting on emotion without the benefit of intellect.
Control what you can say, Control what you can read, Control what you can drive, Control what you can eat, Control what you drink, Control your healthcare, Control your guns, Control your news!

John voisin

They are controlling our media ,CBC is 100 percent Liberal and Ctv is no better .

Sharlene Crawford

That’s call communism and that is actually what the Trudeau has brought to our Country.


Control your bank account too.


It should be illegal for any government to give any money to any media. It is tantamount to bribery. It’s obvious if this happens, the media can never be trusted to have unbiased reporting.


It’s already going on. Not a peep from CTV, CBC or Global about the big bills before Parliament or the Senate C76 S239 or C75


Pretty good deduction, Sherlock.


The U.N. puppet LIEberals just are trying to control the next election, like always they advertise in our bought out media with our tax dollars. So is the ethics and the election watchdogs noting that they have overspent on the election already?, and stole our money to do so?

Eric Blair

What I found interesting in the above Spencer is this “a tax credit for subscribers of digital media sites”. So if you and the Rebel for instance want to get us subscribers a tax credit for subscribing, you will have to let the government know who your subscribers are. I know you won’t and neither will the Rebel so on that ground alone you will not be getting any funding or support. I am reading this right?


Not only that, Spencer, but Stats Can will be passing on ALL our personal and corporate financial statements to the Liberals. Don’t be surprised if we discover that “Stats Can” would like to monitor our phone and e-mail communications in case they contain any reference to anything Trudeau deems as being money related. Many of us like to scour the internet to gleam tidbits in an effort to find believable information. After my Spencer home page, I do IFP, Disqus and CFP. I can only glance at other sites as they demand subscriptions and I can’t afford $150 + /… Read more »

Don Piche

I’m wondering how The Veterans & Seniors must feel knowing Trudeau&Co. can’t afford to give them what they deserve but they can somehow blatantly justify & afford to fund anyone connected to their Election Campaign Propaganda without batting an eyelash….


But please remember that any Trudeau funding is from YOUR tax dollars. The government never gives you THEIR money!!

Dave Bainard

Besides yourself Spencer. do you think sources like Rebel media will see even one cent? I seriously doubt it.


Might as well bring in Joseph Goebbels in to run the media because that is exactly what Trudeau is trying to do. Step one to becoming a dictator is to control the media

Mike Jones

Real conservatives don’t subscribe to TV…or print media cut the cord .

Peter Wilson

So Unifor controls all jounalists and insists all journalists write against Scheer and the Conservatives while the Llieberal government bribes the media with taxpayer’s own money. That’s an absolute government sponsored bias against everyone except themselves. Journalists should tell unifor shut up and get lost, and Canadians should tell the Lieberals to stop funding any media – let the market decide.

Beverley Campbell

You are so correct, I saw the Union Leader of Unifor just the other day sneering at Andrew Scheer and positively licking The Turd’s sandals.

Ken (Kulak)

If there ever was any doubt the MSM is an arm of the Liberal Party of Canada this action will dispel any doubts.


If you control both the narrative and the message you control everything. It will become mandatory (via a new Liberal bill) to watch the state-sponsored CBC programming each day for an hour. Your smart TV will out all the political dissenters. Jerry Dias (Bias Dias) will be appointed as the Minister of Propaganda.

… and history repeats itself once again (sigh).

David Ward


Another gear added in the wheel of Populist One World Wide Government. If you feel I may be fear mongering Justin now has given the CBC and now Liberal choice only media over one billion dollars of our tax money since voted in. DO you think they will have non bias reports on the Liberal? A secret agenda all coming to fruition and we and the opposition are doing absolutely nothing about it

Gwertily bert

Just post the in-store prices and there will be an end to the horror.


Buying the media is fascism. What next?


Two sly guys sittin’ in a tree
Telling lies to you and me.

Randy A. Selkirk

So the Liberals just bought and paid for free speech and free press . This is just like buying a free pipeline !

Alexander S. Romanchuk

Conrad Black must be wringing his hands with absolute glee! And this bailout is nothing compared to the bailout BOMBARDIER will receive. And are Canadians really concerned? NOT IN THE LEAST. Just think; we have to stand another year of this type of idiocy and insanity. Will things change drastically and significantly is the PCs form the next government? NOT AT ALL! You see, every political party sleeps in the same bed and only change positions when it is convenient.

David MacKAY

Literaly Robbing from Canadians to propagandize his elections – How not like a Dictator is that?


He’s a totalitarian. If he gets re-elected, I think we’re finished as a nation.