WATCH: Rempel Calls For Trudeau To Withdraw Canada From UN Global Migration Scheme & Protect Sovereignty Of Canadian Borders

Conservatives vs Trudeau in Question Period over the UN scheme and illegal border crossings.

After Conservative Immigration Shadow Minister Michelle Rempel expressed her opposition and the opposition of the Conservatives to the UN Global Compact on Migration in recent Tweets, the party has continued that opposition in Question Period, leaving no doubt as to where they stand.

In the video below, Michelle Rempel calls for Trudeau to withdraw Canada from the UN Global Compact on Migration, and get control over Canada’s borders.

“Today, Conservatives asked Trudeau to restore order and fairness to our immigration system, maintain the integrity and sovereignty of our borders, and withdraw Canada from the UN Global Compact on Migration. Watch his response:”

As you can see from the exchange above, Trudeau has no intention of protecting Canadian sovereignty or protecting the integrity of our borders and immigration system.

Instead, he’s going to continue selling us out to a supra-national institution that isn’t accountable to Canadians, and he’s going to let our borders be treated like a joke.

At least now, the Conservatives – having followed in the footsteps of People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier who first opposed the UN scheme – are making it clear that the Opposition Party will do their job and oppose Trudeau’s dangerous and destructive agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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