BUILD THAT PIPE: Supporters Of Canadian Oil Demonstrate Outside Of Trudeau Announcement In Calgary (Videos, Photos)

Anger in Alberta continues to rise as Trudeau’s betrayal of the energy industry worsens.

Justin Trudeau was in Calgary for an announcement today.

While you might have expected Trudeau would be in Calgary to announce desperately needed decisive measures to alleviate the severe crisis facing the energy sector, he failed to do so.

That follows the fiscal update released by the government, which failed to include any direct support for the energy industry.

As a result, anger in Alberta and across much of Canada continues to rise.

While Trudeau is always there instantly to help Bombardier whenever they get in trouble, he’s doing nothing as the energy industry faces collapse. And even worse than doing nothing, it’s Trudeau’s opposition to pipelines and insane regulations that are hurting the industry even more.

That’s why there was a large group of energy industry supporters who demonstrated outside of Trudeau’s speech. These are Patriotic Canadians demanding the government stop wrecking a key Canadian industry.

Photos and a video of the demonstrations can be seen below:

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Unite Alberta)


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shawn harris

Trudeau continues to fail Canadians and Canada, especially the oil industry. He has been told loud and very clearly Canada’s oil industry is in dire need of help, yet he ignores them , rewards his favourite business, Bombardier, Quebec and even his favourite union Unifor. Trudeau is too afraid to face the real consequences of his deceitful and destructive actions, that has lead to this predictable and unnecessary situation of seeing the oil industry cease to exist. To him this disaster, of his own making,is exactly what both he and his father Pierre Trudeau have always wanted, his fathers revenge… Read more »


Oh good, I hope the LIEberals realize that most people in Canada really dislike his destructive policies, and even with his paid “hate Canadians and Conservatives”, mainstream media, and worse than his selfies, is his lying when he keeps dividing us but saying “this is what Canadians want” when most all of us want a united Canada with security, Canadian laws upheld, strong borders, good jobs, and importantly our energy sector working again – a strong Canada.


But does he care??

Ken (Kulak)

Unfortunately he is not lying when he says “this is what Canadians want” since there were enough votes to get him elected. Unfortunately also his plan of shutting down Canada oil resource industry is way ahead of schedule. Butts is happy and Maurice Strong is smiling in his grave. The big Liberal population areas of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are actually applauding his destruction of the oil industry. Also, the polls consistently show him being re-elected. How else could it be when the MSM constantly tells us how great he is and these propaganda sound and video bites is what… Read more »

alan skelhorne

he will always do what he wants, no one can stop him. sorry but energy in canada is gone, just like the country.

John Giles

I live in Ontario & I think it’s a disgrace that Alberta workers are being tramped in the mud by Canada’s Prime Minister & by the premier of Alberta.

Linda Simpson

The majority of those protesters were from Canada Post protesting the government’s decision to table back to work legislation, not oil and gas people. If you look at the signs being held and listen to the chants, you will hear CUPW union chants and see CUPW on strike signs.

Maureen Lafferty

hmmm so the chants of Built That Pipe on the video sound like We don’t want to Go Back to Work????!!!! Albertans are FED UP with Trudeau pandering to the Elites,Big Business,UNIONS, and Eastern Canada (quebec Bombardier ring a bell). Buying off the Media in an Election Year. How Stupid does he think WE are????? This is CALGARY,the centre of what is left of our oil industry. You must live in the Ottawa Bubble…..or is it Toronto,the centre of the Universe to Easterners.

brian siemens


Eric Blair

No linda the chant was “Build that Pipe Now”. I saw only one CUPW sign but all the others were to do with the pipeline. The best one was “Where was the Bombardier Emissions Review?”

I see with this commentary by Linda Simpson that the PMO has finally recognized Spencer Fernando’s website as something to be reckoned with. Congratulations Spencer.


What irks me is when Trudeau & Sohi blame the previous government saying they didn’t build any pipelines what a load of BS. Harper was PM from Feb 2006 until Nov 2015 so let’s look at the actual facts. The following pipelines were approved & constructed under Harper’s watch! 1) Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper (Line 67) pipeline expansion from Hardisty, Alberta, to Wisconsin was approved in 2006 and construction was completed on April 1, 2010. This pipeline covers 1,081 km. 2) Also completed in 2010 is Enbridge’s Southern Lights Pipeline from Manhattan, Illinois, up to Edmonton. This pipeline covers a length… Read more »

Mike Allan

I absolutely love Alberta but what were you thinking about electing a socialist government. I sincerely hope there’s still time to right the wrong that was committed.Maybe there’s a silver lining in that atrocities such as this one will only be an afterthought.