BUILD THAT PIPE: Supporters Of Canadian Oil Demonstrate Outside Of Trudeau Announcement In Calgary (Videos, Photos)

Anger in Alberta continues to rise as Trudeau’s betrayal of the energy industry worsens.

Justin Trudeau was in Calgary for an announcement today.

While you might have expected Trudeau would be in Calgary to announce desperately needed decisive measures to alleviate the severe crisis facing the energy sector, he failed to do so.

That follows the fiscal update released by the government, which failed to include any direct support for the energy industry.

As a result, anger in Alberta and across much of Canada continues to rise.

While Trudeau is always there instantly to help Bombardier whenever they get in trouble, he’s doing nothing as the energy industry faces collapse. And even worse than doing nothing, it’s Trudeau’s opposition to pipelines and insane regulations that are hurting the industry even more.

That’s why there was a large group of energy industry supporters who demonstrated outside of Trudeau’s speech. These are Patriotic Canadians demanding the government stop wrecking a key Canadian industry.

Photos and a video of the demonstrations can be seen below:

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Unite Alberta)


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