Hypocritical Head Of UN Environment Program Resigns After Massive Spending On Global Travel

He sure loved flying around the world while telling everyone else to cut back on energy usage.

Erik Solheim was the head of the United Nations Environment Program.

He loved telling people to cut back on energy usage and reduce carbon footprints in order to ‘save the world.’

But, as is usually the case with globalist elites, Solheim had a “do as I say, not as I do attitude.”

He was forced to resign due to massive spending on flights and hotels.

In fact, he spent about $500,000 on travel and accommodations in a mere 22 months.

That’s quite a carbon footprint.

Solheim is similar to Catherine McKenna, who loves to fly around the world at taxpayer expense, racking up a huge carbon footprint, all while telling us to cut back on our energy usage.

It seems the hypocrisy from the globalist elites never ends.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube