Liberal MP Raj Grewal Issues Surprise Resignation Announcement

UPDATE: After muzzling their MPs and demanding nobody speak about it, the Trudeau government now says Grewal resigned due to a serious gambling problem.


Previous updates…

Grewal says he’s leaving for “personal and medical reasons.”

Liberal MP Raj Grewal, who represents the riding of Brampton East, is resigning.

The announcement comes as a surprise, as Grewal had already been renominated by the Liberal Party to run in 2019.

Here’s what Grewal said about his announcement in a Facebook post:

Dear Brampton East,

Yesterday, I informed the Chief Government Whip that I will be resigning my seat as Member of Parliament for Brampton East due to personal and medical reasons.

To the people of Brampton East, serving as your MP has been the greatest privilege of my life. This has been a decision I’ve struggled with for some time now and one I made with great difficulty and real sadness. But I feel I need this time to focus on my health and family.

I am grateful for your unwavering support over the past three years. Brampton East is and will always be a special part of my life. I will continue to work for this community and am hopeful I will have the opportunity to serve you again.


Raj Grewal

Grewal has not yet given a specific date for his departure.

Spencer Fernando

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Suspicious to me if I must say.
I guess he doesnt like what he sees his party is heading, taking canada into.

don morris

Let’s not speculate on anything sinister, it may be he has cancer or some other debilitating condition. We don’t want to look the fools when the story finally comes out, if it ever does.

Diane DiFlorio

Did he get caught doing something inappropriate by his wife? LOL makes he wonder as if I had legit medical issues I would state that outright. Oh well, too bad, so sad, NOT !

Ken (Kulak)

Now if only his boss, PM Butts and his dummy, would also resign for destroying the western Canadian economy.

don morris

This would be a better Riding for Jagmeet Singh to run it,and it’s in Ontario,which Jagmeet can undoubtedly find on the map,unlike Burnaby.


He is under investigation also by the ethics commissioner, I haven’t heard what for, that would make me feel sick but I am not U.N. run LIEberal.