REPORT: Federal Government Undercounting Number Of Non-Residents Giving Birth In Canada

Statistics Canada data appears wildly inaccurate.

It appears the federal government has been undercounting the number of ‘birth tourism’ births.

According to Statistics Canada, 313 non-residents gave birth in Canadian hospitals in 2016.

However, according to data researcher Andrew Griffith compiled from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, there were over 3,200 non-residents who gave birth in Canadian hospitals.

Unsurprisingly, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen only said the government would look into the issue more, the usual non-answer given when politicians don’t want to do something about it.

And in another example of how Canadian Citizens get held to a higher standard than non-residents who misuse the generosity of our country, Hussen says that the government doesn’t collect info on whether a woman is pregnant when seeking to come to Canada.

So, the government won’t ask for information that could shed important light on the issue of birth tourism, yet they can demand our private banking info without our consent?

Things are totally upside-down.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Martin Schotte elmjay017

How about a straw poll of voters no longer willing to follow a minority elected dictatorial government, by democratic metric, on the road to Canadian societal devolvement.