Unifor Praises Trudeau’s $600 Million Media Bailout

They’ve pledged to oppose the Conservatives, represent many thousands of media workers, and asked Trudeau to bail out the media. Trudeau is doing exactly what they wanted, and Unifor is doing exactly what he wants.

The Unifor union represents many thousands of media workers.

They call themselves “the resistance” to the Conservatives, and say they’re “Andrew Scheer’s worst nightmare.”

They called for a media bailout.

And they got it.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government announced a $600 million media bailout, in what represents the total subversion of what’s left of a free press in Canada.

It’s worse than anyone really imagined it would be. How can any Canadians trust the media when thousands of media workers are represented by a union pledging to destroy the opposition, and when that same union asked for – and got a bailout from the same government they’re helping?

It’s disastrous.

And unsurprisingly, Unifor is praising the media bailout.

Here’s what Unifor said:

“The union representing 12,000 Canadian journalists and media workers welcomes Finance Minister Bill Mourneau’s announcement of $600 million in aid for financially struggling news organizations.

“The new labour tax credit for local journalism is what’s been needed to help save local news,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor’s National President.”

And in case anyone forgot, here’s what Dias tweeted recently (that’s him in the middle, giving the look of Soviet Seriousness):

Jerry Dias Unifor Resistance

Nobody believes this is about ‘local news.’

It’s about turning the entire Canadian media establishment into the CBC – beholden to the Liberal government and dependent on government money to survive.

That is totally incompatible with democracy, and all Canadians should be deeply disturbed by it. It’s collusion and bias at the highest levels.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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