Unifor Praises Trudeau’s $600 Million Media Bailout

They’ve pledged to oppose the Conservatives, represent many thousands of media workers, and asked Trudeau to bail out the media. Trudeau is doing exactly what they wanted, and Unifor is doing exactly what he wants.

The Unifor union represents many thousands of media workers.

They call themselves “the resistance” to the Conservatives, and say they’re “Andrew Scheer’s worst nightmare.”

They called for a media bailout.

And they got it.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government announced a $600 million media bailout, in what represents the total subversion of what’s left of a free press in Canada.

It’s worse than anyone really imagined it would be. How can any Canadians trust the media when thousands of media workers are represented by a union pledging to destroy the opposition, and when that same union asked for – and got a bailout from the same government they’re helping?

It’s disastrous.

And unsurprisingly, Unifor is praising the media bailout.

Here’s what Unifor said:

“The union representing 12,000 Canadian journalists and media workers welcomes Finance Minister Bill Mourneau’s announcement of $600 million in aid for financially struggling news organizations.

“The new labour tax credit for local journalism is what’s been needed to help save local news,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor’s National President.”

And in case anyone forgot, here’s what Dias tweeted recently (that’s him in the middle, giving the look of Soviet Seriousness):

Jerry Dias Unifor Resistance

Nobody believes this is about ‘local news.’

It’s about turning the entire Canadian media establishment into the CBC – beholden to the Liberal government and dependent on government money to survive.

That is totally incompatible with democracy, and all Canadians should be deeply disturbed by it. It’s collusion and bias at the highest levels.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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This is scary,dangerous stuff . bring on Ontario proud and let the populism begin .
Its going to be quite the battle over the next year .
Here s encouraging people to support the conservatives both financially or offer
their time when possible.
The grass roots of Canada is all we have now.


I am quite sure there is something in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as to the Government creating a monopoly in any Service ?

shawn harris

Trudeau and Jerry Dias are in a reciprocal relationship, with each having an obligation to support each other, especially now that Trudeau has delivered and upheld his end of the deal, 600 million to buy Canadian journalists. It will be demanded that Jerry dias and Unifor will deliver an election victory for Trudeau. Trudeau would have Canadians believe that he is protecting Canadian media from going out of business, just like he is protecting the oil industry, that is barely hanging on by a thread. With Trudeau’s twisted thinking and actions, or no action, on saving the media and our… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

Shawn Harris you have written one of the most appropriate and lucid comments that I have ever read and every word is correct, does he (do they) think that Canadians are so stupid that they will not see this as a clear attempt to purchase “good” press, Jerry Dias is perfectly willing to let his truth out but when he goes to press, each and every Canadian will know that his words are bought and paid for, lets not let them win this next election, we must stand together.


How to we fight this ???? We can’t let this happen….How can we successfully fight this….Elections are not before 2019…..It scares me, to know of all the damage that the Trudeau government can still do until 2019….Spencer if you know of anything other than donations that can be done…please share…


Just wanted to add….I am awake and aware…a Q follower ….and WWG1WWA 😉

Gary Mikalson

Who are you?


oops (WWG1WGA) 😉


“struggling reporters’? Oh come on, these reporters brought this problem on themselves by neglecting to tell the truth, constantly bad mouthing and lying about other parties( particularly the conservatives ). The newspaper reporters were so bad that they drove me to stop reading their paper. If I want to know what’s really happening within the liberal party or about canada, I go via the net to foreign nations news to find information. Mind you, I come here at Spencer’s site, but he can’t do all the work so we help by researching the news ourselves.

Mike Allan

I could have sworn that trudope had all those bases covered in the last election.Ohh what the blank it’s only another 600 million.So while the honest hard working men and women of Canada struggle to put meals on the table this jackinapes just keeps on spending money like every other evil lying libtard with elected power.Truly is a shame that a high percentage of voters have know vision of what freedom really means.North America is leaning more and more left each day.It’s really to bad that law abiding conservative citizens will suffer the same fate as trudope libtards.The odds are… Read more »


Follow the money. How much of this $595,000,000 will go directly to Unifor union to fight both the Alberta and Federal Conservatives. Alberta NDP can’t rase money so Trudeau is doing it for them. Is the RCMP asleep at the wheel? Trudeau is DIRTY; an effing traitor. We need a FOX News Canada, like yesterday to hold the little potato accountable. It stresses me how easily our parliamentary democracy is being shredded by Trudeau, the socialists and the NWO. The funny thing about the socialists and their Greenie cousins is that the NWO and Trudeau will shred them too. Right… Read more »