Bill Morneau’s Wage Growth Claims Are Pretty Dubious

It’s almost as if the Trudeau government isn’t telling the truth…

With Bill Morneau heavily hyping ‘wage gains’ based on the Statistics Canada payrolls survey (which shows wages rising at 3% this year), the Liberals are trying to make it seem that their economic policies are working out.

However, a closer look reveals that’s not the case at all, and Morneau’s attempt to hype up wage gains are pretty dubious.

That was pointed out Theophilos Argitis of Bloomberg, who noted that, far from “the strongest year of wage growth in close to a decade,” three other measures of wage growth – labour force survey data, national accounts data, and Stats Canada productivity data – show wage gains of 2.2%, 2%, and 2.5% respectively, all below the number Morneau is trying to focus everybody on.

Additionally, when all those numbers are taken into account through the Bank of Canada ‘Wage-Common’, and the Wage-Common is adjusted for inflation, there has in fact been ZERO real wage growth in 2018. In 2017, wage growth was under 1%, and in 2016 it was again ZERO. Under the Trudeau government, real wage growth is far below the average under the Harper government.

This is no real surprise. Trudeau is inefficiently pumping tons of taxpayer money into the economy through deficit spending, while imposing new taxes on Canadians. That can certainly make it seem like wages are rising, but the new taxes take all of that away.

This also explains why the government is so out of touch with Canadians. They keep saying how great the economy is, while almost nobody in Canada is actually feeling that. And with real wage growth totally stagnant, that feeling of being stuck is 100% justified.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He did say as well…based on oil at $60 a barrel…
They NEVER include the massive discount on Canadian oil as well.

Hmmmm…reminds me of…
When can you tell that a politician is lying?
When they open their mouths.


Never fear Spencer, the welfare hush paid reporters will turn this gloomy budget into the best ever. Did you see what’s happening in Paris. The people there apparently are not listening to macron sugar coating media. The same will happen here if this continues.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I doubt that. We are kinder, gentler i.e. wimps!

shawn harris

Everyone should remember just how much Trudeau said he was helping the middle class taxpayers, with his much promoted cut of less than 2%, well now we are seeing the fruits of Trudeau’s labour. An economy failing, wages stagnant, businesses going bankrupt or shutting down and leaving Canada.And now the finance minister, lying to deceive those same middle class taxpayers and all Canadians, that we are as the commercial says “richer than we think” , the economy is stronger than the taxpayers know. So if the economy is so strong and wages are rising , then why are we getting… Read more »


It is very sad when you cannot believe a word any of these U.N. run Lieberal/ndp puppets say, they are such transparent liars.

Don Taylor

The whole Lieberal party is one big con job,socialism is only good for the top politicians not the working people


No,Spenser….dubious? You have to be kidding….has the Trudope government EVER told us the truth in the last 3 years?? Not that I’ve noticed. Every one of the Lieberals does not know what truth is. So sad!