Senators Debating Back To Work Legislation For Canada Post Workers

Bill C-89 passed in the House of Commons with 166 votes in favour, and 43 against.

The Canadian Senate is working on a weekend – something very rare for them – to debate legislation ordering Canada Post workers back to work.

The legislation passed the House of Commons 166-43.

Only the NDP voted against it.

The bill is expected to pass the Senate, with neither the Liberals or Conservatives seeking to block it.

While initially seeming unwilling to get involved in the dispute between postal workers and Canada Post, the Trudeau Liberals clearly didn’t want a massive postal disruption with Christmas approaching, and have shifted towards back to work measures in the face of rising public anger.

Spencer Fernando

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Clive Edwards

I have worked in both union and non-union environments as an employee, a contractor and management. When unions are good, they have a great deal to contribute. When they are bad, they are horrid. The worst union environment I ever worked under was CUPE at CBC. In the 1970’s our silk suited union management wanted us to go on strike, possibly for months, over what would have ended up being a ten cent an hour pay increase. The union suits would get their pay and probably bonuses and extra travel, accommodation and meal expenses because strikes have to be “managed”.… Read more »

don morris

Did you notice how the msm reported that “the House voted to order the postal workers back”? No headline stated,”the Trudeau Government orders the postal worker back”, which would have been what they said if the Harper government had ordered them back to work, with a sub heading calling Harper a control freak..

It’s not Trudeau’s fault, or the Liberals, see, it’s “the House”. That’s the kind of headlines you get when you bribe the media.

btw,where were the other 129 MP’s who didn’t cast a vote on this?