WATCH: Trudeau Booed In Calgary

His visit to the city was insulting, coming right after he released an economic update that totally failed to address the growing crisis in the oil sector.

Shortly after releasing the economic update, Justin Trudeau visited Calgary.

If he was expecting a positive reception, he was dead wrong.

Trudeau was greeted by large demonstrations, with many Patriotic Canadians gathering to denounce his anti-oil industry policies.

And when he went up to speak, after being introduced by largely-discredited MP Kent Hehr, boos could be clearly heard over the clapping of the handpicked propaganda crowd.

Watch the booing below:

The booing was well-deserved.

Trudeau only should have visited Calgary if he was announcing the scrapping of the carbon tax, support for the Energy East Pipeline, and the cancellation of bill C-69.

He announced none of those things, and continues to stand by while the Canadian Oil industry crumbles in the face of his destructive policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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