WATCH: Trudeau Booed In Calgary

His visit to the city was insulting, coming right after he released an economic update that totally failed to address the growing crisis in the oil sector.

Shortly after releasing the economic update, Justin Trudeau visited Calgary.

If he was expecting a positive reception, he was dead wrong.

Trudeau was greeted by large demonstrations, with many Patriotic Canadians gathering to denounce his anti-oil industry policies.

And when he went up to speak, after being introduced by largely-discredited MP Kent Hehr, boos could be clearly heard over the clapping of the handpicked propaganda crowd.

Watch the booing below:

The booing was well-deserved.

Trudeau only should have visited Calgary if he was announcing the scrapping of the carbon tax, support for the Energy East Pipeline, and the cancellation of bill C-69.

He announced none of those things, and continues to stand by while the Canadian Oil industry crumbles in the face of his destructive policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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GOOD for Calgary, Trudeau doesn’t deserve any respect. He is the worst mistake since his father!!!!

Sewer Rat

I knew when I was heading to work that day, that there must have been a reason that I felt dirty. I have my answer now. Trudeau and Notley were both in town.


Funny how we saw all the protesters with their signs, but did NOT hear all the Booing??

Marlene Fol

If you were watching on CBC or CTV of course you wouldnt hear any negativity again the prime prick…they have been bought off! Well done Calgary.


Here we have yet another wasted trip by airliner that does nothing but puke pollution into the air. He would provide a huge contribution to his battle against pollution if he were to stay home with Sofa and actually do some work.

These trips are right up there with his trips to China, India and recently Asia. While the real leaders were all in important meetings, Trudeau was visiting his peers at a school. They had no idea who he was or why he came to preach.

shawn harris

Trudeau has reaped exactly what he has sown. He has done his best to divide and and anger Canadians, now he is getting it back in full. Trudeau maybe all smiles for the cameras now,but come election time he won’t be smiling or so condescending towards Canadians. Because then he will see and feel the extreme wrath of his own making. Canada and Canadians deserve better than a deceitful, arrogant, uncaring, narcissistic, sanctimonious, and self righteous pretender of PM. A real PM, would have seen the damage, responded in a timely manner with a solution that gives more thought to… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Yeah and apparently the GESTAPO/RCMP are now looking for a couple of people who worre T shirts, epressing their displeasure with Trudeau… so now you know we are clearly in a totalitarian police state!

Ken (Kulak)

He doesn’t care. His job of destroying western Canada is just about done.