World Wildlife Fund Canada Took Anti-Oilsands Foreign Money While Being Run By Trudeau Advisor Butts

It’s beyond obvious that the Trudeau Liberals want to crush the oilsands.

Justin Trudeau keeps trying to get everyone to disbelieve their own eyes and ears.

His actions make it clear that he wants to crush the oilsands, and the oil industry is in crisis.

Yet, he claims to support Canadian energy, pretending as if the crisis has nothing to do with him or his government.

But it’s not just Trudeau’s actions that reveal his dishonesty. It’s also who he surrounds himself with.

Particularly, Gerald Butts.

Butts, a close friend of Trudeau and his top advisor, was the head of the World Wildlife Fund Canada from 2008 to 2012.

And it turns out, in 2009, WWF Canada took $160,000 USD from the US billionaire funded Tides Foundation as part of the anti-oil sands “Tar Sands Campaign”:

A larger photo of the document – showing who the Tides Foundation gave money to – can be seen below:

Tides Foundation Donations

So, Justin Trudeau’s top advisor was glad to lead an organization that took money from a rich US group that wanted to destroy the oil sands, yet Trudeau expects us to believe that he supports Canadian eneryg, even as he’s doing exactly what Tides would want by bringing the industry down?

Not gonna happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Eric Blair

Go here: to read how the US environmental groups fund opposition to Canadian built pipelines but do nothing to stop US pipeline.

Either Trudeau is too stupid to see this happening or is just plain stupid. True liberals such as Chretien and Martin were supporters of the oil industry but the Trudeaus are in their day in office dead set against the oil industry.

Gary Hudson

Trudeau is working for American interests. He is a TRAITOR

Alexander S. Romanchuk

Let’s be clear about one thing: it was the PCs who were in POWER at the time Butts received these funds from the Soros -funded Tides Foundation. These so-called Christians are quite adept at fraud and deceit and taking payola. Just think, we have another year of the insanity of Turdo and the Lieberals. Will the PCs be any different IF they are elected to power next year? I doubt it. Send me some GOOD NEWS stories, Spencer.

Clive Edwards

Now we know where Turdo gets his list of recipients for Canadian Taxpayers’ money….

Reg Schmidt

One has to wonder why? Why would a leader want to knee cap his own country? Because he has many wealthy globalist and environmentalist friends? This is looking like a treasonous act to the west.

His visit to Calgary last week was little more than another snub….rub salt in the wound of Calgary’s once prosperous downtown. The only thing missing was his father’s famous middle finger salute!

shawn harris

With this clear piece of evidence, that shows a direct connection between Butts, Tides and the deliberate foreign funded campaign to shut down our oil industry; proves another ethical failure on the part of Trudeau. To not only hire a close personal friend, butt a friend with an agenda , that Trudeau wholeheartedly agrees with, endorses and even funds to manage the decline, and ultimately “phase out the entire oil industry”. I believe , in law, that is called criminal collusion or conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. Worse yet it proves absolutely beyond any shadow of doubt, Trudeau’s treasonous… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Two grinning sorority sisters. “Hey! Here’s a good prank–Let’s destroy Canada’s energy industry!

Ken (Kulak)

This must be the first time in Canadian history that a prime minister is a traitor to his country.


Hi Spencer, I’m not sure how correct your last statement is (“not gonna happen”). There is no coordinated effort to support our pipelines, so I think Trudeau and his bosses may yet get away with shutting down our oil and auto industries. Him, Notley and her gang (stupid, stupid Albertans for voting them in), and all the paid and unpaid protesters, may have their way.


Remember Premiere Danny Williams who threaten then PM Paul Martin by lowering the Canadian flag and raised the newfoundland’s flag? Well, Jihadi Justin is driving Alberta to do the same and even Alberta is landlocked there is USA just next door and probably Alberta will join Sask in doing the same thing.


President Obama rejects Keystone XL pipelines

This piece of video was not shown by the media.