REPORT: General Motors To End Production In Oshawa, Impacting Thousands Of Jobs

More disastrous news for the Canadian economy.

There’s more devastating economic news in Canada.

According to multiple reports, General Motors is set to announce that they are ending all operations in Oshawa Ontario, closing down a plant that has been in operation since 1953, and potentially throwing thousands of people out of work.

Almost 3,000 jobs could be lost as GM leaves.

It’s a disgraceful move, especially considering the billions of taxpayer dollars that Canada spent helping bail out GM when it was heading towards oblivion.

It also comes after the Trudeau government agreed to the USMCA, a trade deal they claimed would help the auto sector. Clearly, it has totally failed to do so.

Here’s what Oshawa MP Jennifer French said in a statement:

Unfortunately, the job losses and economic damage could go beyond the direct losses from GM abandoning Oshawa. Numerous other jobs in the surrounding area, and jobs connected to the auto industry could also be lost.

This news is devastating for Oshawa, for Ontario, and for all of Canada. And it comes as three of Canada’s large industries are struggling.

The oil industry is in crisis, in large part because of Trudeau’s anti-oil agenda.

Bombardier is doing terribly, despite repeated taxpayer-funded bailouts.

And now the auto industry in Canada is facing a serious loss.

On top of all this, real wage growth has been stagnant in 2018, and investment is fleeing the country.

Regarding the Oshawa announcement, more details will be shared tomorrow at a widely-expected announcement by the company.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

another hole for canada, trudeaus boss george soros is all smiles tonight

Dave Bainard

Kill an economy then who can afford a new car or truck.? Watch Jr and Moroneau blame Harper.

don morris

Maybe now that the East is suffering some economic hardships, voters will finally realize they have placed the management of their country in the hands of globalists and incompetents. The economic situation will worsen every month until we get the high school student council out of government.

Sunny ways, Mr.PM?


Welcome to the new “Alberta” and Turdeau’s ideas for growing the economy and balancing the budget.
Still glad you voted liberal … ???


Canada’s is going down hill under Trudeau’s government. When Mr Harper was in power the economy was strong. Our taxes are to high,we are paying for illegal immigrants and other corrupt policies that the marjory of Canadians did not vote for. Time for the liberals to call for Trudeau to step down.


Trudeau and the liberals will be happy as there plans to destroy Canada is working

Don Taylor

The liberal Turdeau govt is a disaster for Canadians ,he should admit defeat leave the PM’S office before he causes more damage


Congratulations, Unifor. Go on strike for higher wages, more benefits, ridiculous pension plans and bottomless lifetime benefits. Make sure you pass on your deep appreciation to the chief dick-brain in the PMO as well as Trudeau, for their wonderful carbon taxes. CC: barbie. GM management might be paid too much but they aren’t as stupid as virtue signalling politicians. Canada has become a bad place to investor or even continue as a business. They will be following the dozens of oil related companies to the States and simply walking away from their factories. Trudeau will now own dead factories as… Read more »


you got it real close del well said BUT WHERE ARE THE SCHEER CONSERVATIVES ????????


From the CTV web site regarding GM:
The company says in a prepared statement that although it is performing well, it wants to continue to reduce costs while the company and the economy are strong.

Clearly this concept is beyond Trudeau, Butts, Morneau and his Liberal Government. They have to get their poop together to prepare for the time when things go to hell, and it will, they are working to that end.

Clive Edwards

If the U.S. continues to play silly bugger on trade with Canada, I’m sure the Chinese and perhaps the Russians might be interested in replacing them. Both countries make cars and might be interested in taking over where GM and the Yanks leave off. If Trump whines and snivels let’s nationalize the auto industry selectively, and sell it to other investors. Let’s cancel our F-35 orders and get out of NATO. One thing is sure – Turdo’s childish charm and cheek-spreading didn’t work. Now it’s time to kick them in the nuts and walk away.

Ron Shaw

Trudeau and his liberals should be ashamed.
Now eastern Canada gets a taste of what he and his elitist free spending liberals have done to this country #neveraliberalvotagain


No matter what, business and thousand of loss of jobs will occur everyday; but hey, $600million goes to the reporters to keep extra quiet(hush paid money) to keep jihadi Justin and liberal mps dismal record from the public.
If this happened under PMSH, all hell would break loose at blaming PMSH. Since this is under Trudeau’s regime all is quiet.


Another Trudeau fail. No deal Trudeau at its finest

what the hell

Don’t expect anything but lip service from the ASSHOLE running UFOR , he’s has been bought out by the Liberal’s who themselves are being ruled by a DRAMA Teacher . We voted our a RAL STATESMAN , ( sorry statesperson ) , and someone who knows how economies should work for a good looking ” frat boy ” . Now the hens are coming home to roost so suck it up butter cups you got what you wanted .

shawn harris

Most people have never noticed that other stock market businesses generally don’t bailout money losing or bankrupt corporations or other businesses, only vote hungry governments do. Governments are only too willing buy votes at the expense of the economy and adding further to already unpayable debt load. Which means your tax dollars get wasted in the vain hope that the business will actually stay in business; just like we are now seeing with General Motors in Oshawa. In was a terrible and costly lesson to learn, even back in 2009. Remember that there are always going to be more car… Read more »