BETRAYAL: 2,600 Jobs To Be Wiped Out When GM Shuts Oshawa Plant

Both federal and provincial government say GM has no intention of backing off the decision.

GM has confirmed what was already known last night.

The Oshawa plant will close in 2019, with no new product being allocated to it.

As a result, 2,600 workers will lose their jobs.

The move by GM is widely seen as a massive betrayal, considering that Canadian taxpayers gave GM tons of money to keep them going, and the company had given previous reassurances about their operations in Oshawa.

In addition to the direct job losses, there could be nearly 30,000 additional job losses from spin-off jobs. It is estimated that the Ontario economy could lose $5 billion as a result of the GM betrayal.

This is a tough moment for the workers in Oshawa, who gave their best to the company and were betrayed by General Motors.

And it’s bad news for Canada overall, the latest in a string of damage to important parts of the Canadian economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

This is not GM`S FAULT. It is a direct result of unions being allowed too much power and our federal Gog pricing Canada out of the industrial world. All this is a liberal plan for new world order take over.If we do not get rid of our crime minister and his band of socialist pigs we will all starve to death.

louis Joannette

the Oshawa plant should be producing A MARKET OF SPECIAL CAR like police car for north america whit all their survey gadget = like speed camera / computer / et all for the north America Canada and USA police car.


Think positive – This is strong support for the Trudeau / barbie Carbon Tax initiative. Fewer companies means fewer jobs means less pollution. Their plan is working well. Next will be the steel and aluminum industries as less manufacturing means less metal needed. Oil is being deliberately devastated as plastic for cars is comes from oil.

Companies and corporations are not stupid. they must plan ahead to survive, just like we should. No point in investing in a country whose Government hates you.

Support Spencer. Please.

shawn harris

Yes this is a very sad day for the auto workers in Oshawa, but it goes to show that no amount of government money , threats, or outrage will stop a business from laying off workers or moving production to another jurisdiction. And it also shows that Trudeau’s claim about the new USMCA trade deal isn’t the saviour of the economy he and Freeland made it out to be. It does make you wonder, just how many other trade related surprises there will be as a result of Trudeau’s bungling of our economy.


It is said that for every GM job lost in Oshawa, 9 additional jobs will be lost as it will affect feeder plants, parts suppliers, restaurants, bars and realtors to name just several. That’s a total of about 26,000 jobs. That will be devastating to Oshawa and area. It will turn the area into a ghost town like slum as residents will abandon their homes and businesses like Flint Michigan. You won’t be able to sell your home to move to another city. With next to no jobs or opportunities, who’s going to buy it? And to those that say… Read more »

alan skelhorne

so i take it that trudeau should be blaming the closing of the gm plant on the president of the united states

Len Shier

No, he should be blaming himself … between him and Freeland they pretty much brought this about. And this is just the beginning … remember, the budgets will balance themselves!! And for whoever voted liberal … well, you were told “he ‘s just not ready” … now you see the result of installing a part-time drama teacher in an important position where he has absolutely no clue what to do or how to do it, except smile and take selfies!!


It was probably Stephen Harper’s fault he will say……………….

Sewer Rat

No, no. His first go-to guy for blaming, is Harper. Everything is Harper’s fault.