Senate Passes Legislation Ordering Canada Post Employees Back To Work

The legislation has already received royal assent, and will take effect Tuesday at noon ET.

The Canada Post strike has ended in back-to-work legislation.

With a brewing backlash throughout the country among Canadians anxious to ensure Christmas gifts are sent and received on time, the Trudeau government and Liberal-dominated Senate have ordered Canada Post employees back to work.

The government said they ‘exhausted all other options,’ and passed the legislation to prevent damage to the economy.

The legislation brings an end to the rotating strikes.

It passed easily, with 53 votes in favour and 25 against.

Unsurprisingly, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says they will challenge the legislation (Bill C-89) in court.

Still, the strike is ended, and while tensions will certainly remain high between Canada Post executives and employees, potential chaos during Christmas has been averted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

All this damage that is happening to Canada ,I remember very well when the Turdeau’s father was trying to ruin canada and the huge numbers that went bankrupt,because of him,There must be an evil streak in the Turdeau’s family,and we better stop it now,but what do we do,we all need your help and guidance.Spencer Fernando


Amazing can legislate postal workers back to work…but not legislate to build pipelines….devious mean spirited illiterate prime minster. The worst prime minister in Canadian history. Took an oath to be for the people of canada…Squanders tax payer money to buy votes. Human with no common sense leading a country. Destroying our beautiful country .


I heard (on CBC Radio 1) that despite an end to the strike it will take CP a few months to deliver its current backlog of packages. Whatever you purchase online right now will not likely reach its destination for Christmas. Should we celebrate Christmas Day, 2018 on February 25th, 2019, instead? That would allow CP to clean up its mess and get our packages out in time for Christmas!


When will the leftist fascists and members of the “peaceful” cult be claiming that wishing for a White Christmas is racist, offensive and not gender diverse enough? Why haven’t we heard the demand to ban Black Friday as racist.

don morris

CP has only been conducting rotating strikes so I doubt they have that big a backlog,and if they did, they’d turn much of the parcel delivery over to Purolator or another parcel delivery service.

alan skelhorne

so tell me fernando, who does trudeau blame now, the union leader, the employees, come on little boy, trudeau please tell us.

Ivan Hawkes

In theory the Senate of Canada holds a place of respectable and necessary sober thought on issues. However, WHERE IS THE SENATE REGARDING JUSTIN SIGNING A PACT WITH THE UN ON IMMIGRATION??? Justin has his lips firmly planted on the butt cheeks of the UN to commit Canada to holding our borders completely open to the world. This traitorous act by Justin is destructive and irresponsible, foolish and reckless. WHY is the Senate of Canada standing back, saying nothing, doing nothing, abandoning their mandate to protect Canadians from governmental destructive measures??????????