TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Bombardier Gets Bailed Out, While The Oil Sector & Auto Sector Struggle

Trudeau has had years to strengthen key sectors of the economy. Instead, he bails out Bombardier and lets the rest crumble.

The announcement that GM is betraying Oshawa by shutting down their plant in the city is the latest in a long string of devastating news for Canada’s economy.

Canada’s oil sector, auto sector, and aerospace sector are essential to our economic health and future as a nation.

The oil sector is currently facing a brutal crisis, a crisis caused by the hatred the Trudeau government has for the Alberta-based Canadian oil industry.

The aerospace sector is struggling as well, but they know they will just get bailed out by Trudeau, as they have been before.

And now, the auto sector is facing serious problems, with 2,600 direct jobs to be lost in Oshawa (and potentially thousands of more spin off jobs lost), after GM’s plan to leave.

The auto sector in Canada is facing long-term competitive problems, especially because of Trudeau’s carbon tax. By raising the price of everything, Trudeau has made Canada far less competitive, pushing investment out of the nation and into other jurisdictions. And because businesses undertake long-term planning, and can see that Trudeau’s policies are only going to head in an even more restrictive direction, they are getting out of the country as fast as they can.

Now, eastern Canada is starting to see the Trudeau-effect that has already been witnessed in the devastation of the energy industry. And unlike Trudeau’s Bombardier buddies, the auto industry is less likely to receive support, and more likely to instead receive the same empty Trudeau platitudes that were given to the oil industry as the crisis spreads.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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