VIDEO: Spencer Fernando Speech On The Three Biggest Threats Facing Canada

The danger of Globalism, Identity Politics, and Islamism.

On October 27th, I spoke to the great Canadian Patriots at Freedom Defence about the three biggest threats facing Canada.

Below, you will find the three sections of my remarks, focused on Globalism, Identity Politics, and Islamism. The text of my remarks has also been included:


Identity Politics:


Spencer Fernando Speech Text

(Note: Text may differ from remarks as delivered)


We are here together today because we love our country.

We love Canada.

And we are here together today because we know something is going seriously wrong in the country we love.

Everywhere we look, we can see our country being weakened and torn apart, by dangerous internal and external forces.

These forces are the three biggest threats facing our nation:


GLOBALISM seeks to erase any sense of a unified Canadian state, erasing our borders, wiping out national sovereignty, and taking governance away from the Canadian people while turning our country into a ‘post-national state’ that is incapable of defending itself either militarily, economically, or culturally.

IDENTITY POLITICS is a dangerous ideology being pushed on our university campuses and spreading like a sickness throughout our society. It devalues the uniqueness and dignity of the individual, divides everything into “oppressors” and the “oppressed,” seeks to wipe out Canadian history – as we can see with efforts to destroy the memory of Sir. John A. MacDonald – and is turning our entire nation into nothing more than a bunch of angry tribes at each others throats, begging the central government for a few scraps.

ISLAMISM brings the threat of violence, terrorism, and hatred into our country. While most politicians are too afraid to confront it, the reality – which was even reported by leftist papers like the Toronto Star – is that in many Mosques in this country there is vile anti-Semitism, calls for Jihad and violence, and ideological attacks on our freedom as Canadians.

Islamism threatens and silences reformers within Islam, puts Canadian Citizens at risk, sees Canada as a land to be conquered, and leads cowardly politicians to turn a blind eye to the threat of ISIS – even to the point of letting ISIS terrorists come back into our country.

If not confronted, those three threats will destroy Canada as we know it.

And that’s why the work you are doing, and what we’re doing here today is so important. We are standing up for the majority of the Canadian People who reject the agenda of those who want to tear apart our country.

It can sometimes feel that we are alone as common-sense Canadians. The increasingly corrupt establishment media often serves as pro-Trudeau and pro-Liberal/leftist propaganda, making extreme left-wing ideology seem like it’s far more widespread than it actually is.

They ignore common-sense Canadians, they make fringe-leftists falsely seem like moderates, and they provide cover for the forces of GLOBALISM, IDENTITY POLITICS, and ISLAMISM that threaten Canada.

Yet, despite the massive power utilized by the government, and despite the media propaganda machine, Canadians can still sense that something is wrong.

That sense of something being wrong is why your organization exists. That sense is why and other websites that push back against the establishment media are growing rapidly. And that’s why we are here together today.

Now, it’s time to address in detail the first of the three biggest threats to Canada: GLOBALISM.


Globalism is the ideology that believes national governments should place the interests of foreign countries and global institutions above the interests of the nations they are elected to serve.

Globalism leaves serious problems within our own country unsolved, while our money gets torn out of our pockets and given to people who aren’t citizens of Canada.

Globalists believe that it’s wrong to put Canada’s interests first. They think that Canadian Patriotism is somehow a bad thing, and that love for our country is nothing but a relic of the past.

They think Canadian Citizens should just go along with whatever the United Nations, multinational corporations, and international elites want – even when our own prosperity and security is threatened.

The globalist mindset has had a devastating impact on our country, and has led to a betrayal of our citizens.

This betrayal is often cleverly hidden by the establishment, through statistics that are manipulated to give a false picture of what is really happening.

Consider the fact that we are told that we are supposedly richer than ever, yet where it was once possible for one spouse to work and be able to afford raising a large family, have a good house, and at least one car, that is now out of reach for more and more people today – even as the next generation is supposedly more ‘educated’ than any that came before.

The embrace of Globalism by the ruling politicians has had a devastating impact on all Canadians – including among young Canadians. There is a massive affordability crisis afflicting young Canadians, who are seeing the opportunities and dreams of our parents generation increasingly slip out of reach.

This is because of politicians who put globalist virtue signalling above the well being of our own Citizens. For example, land use rules to restrict sprawl – something the global urbanist movement is pushing – artificially restricts the supply of homes and apartments – and less supply plus growing demand due heavily to population growth from immigration leads inevitably to rising housing costs.

At both the federal and provincial level, disloyal governments have allowed massive amounts of foreign money – especially from China – to distort the housing market, making large sections of Canadian cities nothing more than playgrounds for the global elites, while our own Canadian citizens can’t afford to live in our own cities.

University has become more and more expensive, even as it becomes less and less useful due to it being dominated by the destructive identity politics I’ll be discussing later.

Higher taxes and higher energy prices make life more and more expensive every year, and our economy becomes less and less competitive, reducing the amount of good, secure jobs that are available.

So, young Canadians and Canadians of all ages increasingly find themselves in massive amounts of debt, struggling to afford housing, working an insecure job, and having serious problems keeping up with the cost of living.

We see the cost of globalism in some very tragic ways:

In Pikangikum in Northern Ontario, the suicide rate is “250 per 100,000.”


And for decades it has been that way. Yet, year after year that never gets solved, while foreign countries get our money. Our citizens suffer, while our money enriches people who aren’t Canadian.

And families across our entire country are paying the price. The globalists have created a situation in which Canadians often can’t afford to grow our families, while we get told that massive spikes in immigration are necessary to grow our population. It’s totally backwards.

Canada’s household debt ratio is the worst on earth. It’s worse even than what it was in the United States just before the housing crisis.

If things were really going so well in Canada, if globalist economic policies had really served us well, then why are Canadians falling into world-record levels of debt just to try and make ends meet?

Something is clearly going wrong.

If we look beyond the propaganda pushed on us by the government and much of the establishment media, we can see the damage of the Globalist mindset all around us.

We can see it in how our Canadian Energy Industry is suffering. We can’t even build a pipeline in our own country, and our Coal industry is being destroyed – eliminating thousands of jobs all so Catherine McKenna has a nice talking point at her global conferences.

And when it comes to things like the Paris Accord, Canadians are slammed with a carbon tax and our money is ripped out of our pockets so we can ‘save the planet from climate change,’ even though emissions in Canada were down between 1990 and 2015 all without a carbon tax, even though the United States is reducing emissions far more than Canada without a carbon tax, and even though the rise in global emissions is entirely due to non-Western countries, particularly Communist China.

Trudeau, McKenna, and those with the globalist mindset claim to be defenders of ‘science’ and ‘facts,’ yet the science and the facts shows that a carbon tax on Canadians will do nothing for the environment, and is in reality a tax-grab designed to take away more of our economic freedom and give it to the central government.

Think about it:

We are less than 2% of the global emissions in the world, and our emissions have been going down, while emissions keep going up in China. And when you include Canada’s vast forests, we actually absorb far more CO2 than we emit.

Even if we shut down our entire economy, it wouldn’t make any real difference in terms of world emissions.

Yet, Justin Trudeau and the globalist elites expect us to believe that the key to saving the world is for us to devastate our economy here in Canada?

It’s insane.

There’s also the absurdity of the government letting foreign-funded far-left groups come into our country and try to poison the minds of the Canadian People against our energy industry. As a result, we can’t even get Canadian oil across our country, and we end up importing oil from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela – a dictatorial Socialist state where the leaders get fat while the People starve.

Meanwhile, as we import oil from foreign countries – our own oil trades at a gigantic discount of about $50 a barrel compared to West Texas Crude.

Right now – Think about this – really think about it – Right Now, Canadian oil is even less valuable than oil from Venezuela.

Think about it – Venezuela is so messed up that people are actually breaking down fences at zoos, crawling into animal enclosures, killing animals, and then eating them because there is such a horrible food shortage. People are killing their pets for food. People are eating spoiled and rotted meat. People can’t find toilet paper. The inflation rate is over 5,000%.

Yet despite all of that utter human suffering and economic collapse – Venezuela can still fetch a higher price for their oil than we can.

That oil price discount costs us millions of dollars ever day – and it’s because of the lack of pipeline capacity – which is because our government doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the foreign funded groups trying to destroy our homegrown Canadian oil industry.

It’s a total betrayal of Canadians – and it’s causing incredible anger – especially among Albertans, who are used as a piggy-bank for the central government while being denied the right to achieve their full prosperity.

That loss of prosperity spreads throughout our entire country, which is depriving us of money that could have gone towards fixing our infrastructure, improving our healthcare system, cutting taxes, and many other important things.

Of course, that’s not the only way globalism is hurting our nation.

Foreign aid is a huge problem.

Every year, the federal government takes billions of tax dollars out of the pockets of Canadians and gives it to foreign countries and foreign institutions.

Just a few weeks ago, the Trudeau Liberals announced $50 million in aid to the Palestinians – mostly to the United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA).

Now, what makes that so disgusting is that the UNRWA has been caught funding horrific anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda.

UNRWA creates and distributes textbooks to Palestinian children, and in those textbooks there are pages and pages of anti-Semitism, a denial of Jewish & Christian religious sites, Israeli locations erased, and calls for violence and war.

So now, Canadian taxpayer dollars are going towards funding that garbage.

The Trudeau government is also giving money for what they call ‘sexual health’ in Africa, and are even building a road for the Jordanian Army – at a time when our own armed forces are in total disrepair.

All of this is happening as the Trudeau government – and Justin Trudeau himself – tell Canadian Veterans that they’re, quote “asking for more than we’re able to give right now.”

And that – right there – sums up the Globalist mindset perfectly: THERE’s SOMEHOW ALWAYS MONEY FOR FOREIGN COUNTRIES and International Institutions, but when it comes to helping Canadians – the money just disappears.

That’s why the concept of foreign aid – while it sounds nice – is actually horrendous when we really think about it.
The Canadian Government exists – or at least is supposed to exist – for the sole purpose of serving Canadian Citizens.

It’s not the world government.

It’s not the United Nations.

It’s the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT and ‘Canadian’ is supposed to mean something.
And that means all the tax dollars that fund the government must be spent on Canadian Citizens.

After all, citizens of foreign countries aren’t paying Canadian taxes, so why should Canadian taxes go to citizens of foreign countries?

Foreign aid is immoral and wrong in every possible way.

While our Veterans are left to fend for themselves, while millions of Canadians live in poverty, while many Indigenous reserves resemble third world countries where there’s no jobs, no running water, no opportunity, and massive crime, while young Canadians face an affordability crisis, while many Canadian seniors who built this country are struggling, the government is taking billions of dollars away from us and giving it to other countries.

How can we allow that to go on?

If people want to help a foreign country, they are free to give of their own money to a private group or a non-governmental organization.

But that should be a choice for individuals, not something forced on us by the state through the extraction of our taxes.

We need to start demanding that politicians who ask for our support pledge to end foreign aid, and keep our tax dollars in our own country to help our own citizens – the exact opposite of what the globalists want.

Now, we look at what’s happening at the Canadian Border. Our laws are being disrespected, as illegal border crossers – and that’s the right term regardless of the all the politically correct BS ‘irregular crossers’ talk – stream into our country.

Not only are the people crossing illegally not legitimate refugees – since they’re coming from the United States – but they are causing a significant financial burden on Canadian taxpayers. In Toronto, many homeless shelters and emergency shelters are overcapacity, meaning homeless Canadian citizens are being pushed out to make way for people who have no legal right to be in Canada.

This also pushes back legitimate refugees and legal immigrants – including the many Christians who are brutally oppressed around the world – to the back of the line.

Then, it turns out that less than 1% of the illegal crossers have been deported – sending the obvious message that the government has no interest in enforcing our laws.

The cost is already into the hundreds of millions, and will certainly reach above a billion unless the illegal crossings are stopped. And all that money is money that can’t be spent on Canadian Citizens in need.

We know that borders are a form of national defence and national protection. It’s a boundary and a statement, saying this is our territory, and we decide what happens on this territory.

Our Border is supposed to be under our control, under the control of the Canadian People. And having control of our border means that we decide who is allowed in and who isn’t. It means we enforce our laws, and that those who disrespect those laws by crossing illegally are swiftly removed from the country.

But the Trudeau government doesn’t believe in borders. Trudeau wants us to be a globalist “post-national” state.

How can a post-national state enforce borders?

When you love someone or something you protect it. When you love our country, when you are a Canadian Patriot, you love Canada and want to protect it.

But in the eyes of the Globalists, Patriotism is wrong and loving your country is wrong. They think we should love some vague and undefined idea of the ‘international community’ instead.

So, if you’re not supposed to love your country, you’re not supposed to protect it. ‘Post-nationalism’ and love of country simply can’t go together.

And since borders are a form of protection, it’s no surprise that the globalists don’t accept the idea of borders.

It’s also no surprise that the Trudeau government claims that our so-called “UN obligations” somehow force us to allow people to cross illegally.

That’s exactly the excuse that a post-national, globalist government would use, and it’s a prelude to taking even more of our national sovereignty away from the Canadian People and handing it over to the UN and foreign institutions.

And speaking of national sovereignty, a nation can’t be truly secure and sovereign if it doesn’t have the means to defend itself.

And right now, we don’t.

Canada barely has an airforce, we barely have a navy, and while our troops are the bravest and most skilled in the world – something other countries can attest too – there aren’t even close to enough of them, as our land forces are tiny in number.

The stark reality – and something that should both terrify and embarrass all Canadians – is that we have no real ability to defend ourselves. Our strategy is simply to hope for the best.

We currently spend less than 1% of GDP on our military, and our forces are horribly depleted.

Now, we are often told that Canada is a “small country” in terms of population, and that means we can never have a strong military. But the reality is far different. Canada has a larger Gross Domestic Product than Russia, and Russia is regularly considered the 2nd or 3rd strongest military power on earth.

Canada is richer than Russia, we are more technologically advanced than Russia, and that means there is nothing stopping us from having a much stronger military than we currently do.

We live in a dangerous world, and anyone who denies that is being naïve. Already, nations like China and Russia are encroaching on Canada’s North.

Right now, Canada has no real control over our northern territory:

As journalist Paul Koring wrote, “Not a single Canadian warship or submarine can operate in or under the ice. The only active duty air force unit north of the 60th-parallel — oddly named the 440 ‘City of Ottawa’ Squadron — consists of exactly four unarmed Twin Otter bush planes based at Yellowknife airport and tasked with search and rescue throughout the entire Canadian Arctic, an area that would rank as the world’s seventh largest nation and is larger than India.. The newest of those Twin Otters was was delivered in November 1971, 46 years ago, and a six weeks before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born. (The air force got rid of the Twin Otters’ floats after deciding water landings were so infrequent that maintaining that pilot expertise wasn’t worth the cost.)”

He adds, “No major power — including the United States — accepts Ottawa’s claim that the Northwest Passage is Canadian territorial waters. And now all the major powers have eclipsed Canada’s capacity to operate in the Arctic; in the air as well as at on and under the ocean. Even nations like Germany, South Korea, and Sweden routinely send vessels into the summer Arctic; with ships newer than or as capable as Canada’s aging flotilla.”

Our weakness invites challenge, and a weak country is a country that is not secure, free, or independent.

History shows that nations who thought they were safe and secure one moment could face total war and destruction in the blink of an eye, and we can never be certain what the future holds.

That lack of certainty means the only way to ensure our nation is safe is for our nation to be strong. And being strong means having the power to defend our territory militarily. We need a strong air force, we need a strong navy, and we need strong ground forces.

Right now, we have none of that.

And while the Trudeau Liberals have certainly failed to build up the military, the Conservatives must take some responsibility as well.

While they increased military spending somewhat, it still stayed incredibly low as a percentage of our GDP, and they never made a persuasive case to the public on the need to build up our armed forces.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

As we remember from the Avro Arrow, Canada has a history of military innovation and creation. We have a history of building formidable fighting forces to defend freedom, in World War 1 and World War 2. At the end of world war two we had an air force and navy that were among the most powerful on Earth.

A strong military was a part of our national history and national heritage. It was who we were.

But then, the peacekeeping myth – in tandem with the increasingly globalist trend of surrendering Canada’s decisions to the United Nations – caused our nation to in many ways lose sight of our military history.

Military budgets atrophied, our forces got smaller and smaller, our procurement process became what can only be referred to as a pathetic disgrace, and our military ended up being an afterthought among all political parties.

That leads us to where we are today – where we watch the spectacle of Canadian leaders trying to be taken seriously in disputes with countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia – and having absolutely zero leverage because we have no military power.

We talk loudly, and carry no stick.

And that makes us more and more dependent on the United Nations, since our only hope for defence is that nobody ever gets angry at us and tries to take what we have.

History shows that’s a dangerous and possibly deadly bet to make.

The reality is simple: Unless we build up our armed forces, we can never be secure as a truly independent nation.

But of course, the globalists don’t want independent nations. They want weak, vulnerable countries – and right now that’s exactly what Canada is becoming.

While the establishment media treats all of this as just some sort of random set of occurrences, we know the reality is these things are all connected.

Depriving our nation of wealth for the sake of the Paris Climate accord, giving our tax dollars away through Foreign Aid, the continuing Illegal Border Crossing Crisis, and our almost non-existent military all demonstrate how dangerous it is having globalist leaders in power.

Globalists do not believe in the idea of the nation-state. They do not believe in borders. They do not believe Canada should be strong.

If we want to defend and restore the Canada we love, we must never allow our country to become a “post-national” state.


The level of anger and division in Canada is rising. The memory of Canada’s founders – including Sir John A. Macdonald – is being systematically erased as statues are torn out, desecrated, and uprooted across the country.
Love of country is being replaced by identification with narrow identity groups based upon race and gender, oppressed vs oppressor, victim vs victimizer.

More and more people tell me, that it feels like the Canada we love is being lost, and that for many, they no longer know what it means to be Canadian.

There is a profound sense of loss, as we can feel something great and special slowly slipping away.

This disturbing dangerous trend is being driven primarily by the spread of identity politics – which is spreading throughout our country like a virus, weakening the bonds of citizenship and national identity that hold our nation together.

While Globalism is the ideology pushed on us to weaken our country from the top down, identity politics is being used to weaken our country from the bottom up.

It starts at universities, as radical professors – many of whom openly admit that they are Marxists – tell their students that individuals are irrelevant, and that the power struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor is the only possible frame through which they can view the world.

We are already seeing the disastrous consequences of that ‘teaching.’

In just the past month, there have been at least two violent attacks on pro-life Canadians, where peaceful pro-life protestors were assaulted by radical leftists – including a far-leftist ‘man’ who kicked a pro-life woman – and is now facing 8 charges.

Of course, Mr. “Feminist” Justin Trudeau – who was so quick to respond to the fake ‘hijab hoax,’ has been silent on attacks against pro-life women in Canada.

We are seeing the left become increasingly violent and intolerant, banning speakers they don’t like from university campuses, saying speech they disagree with is ‘violence,’ while committing actual violence against anyone who ‘dares’ to question them.

This is a direct consequence of identity politics. Is it any surprise that after years and years of hearing rhetoric which casts Christian Canadians and pro-life Canadians as part of the “oppressor” group, a bunch of students then think that serves as justification in their minds to defeat the “oppressors” by any means necessary – including the use of force?

As you can imagine, it’s not possible to maintain the rule of law or a free society when one side of the political debate decides that violence is acceptable.

And that same dangerous attitude is being fed from the top down as well.

You’ll notice that Justin Trudeau never criticizes those who actually commit horrific acts.

For example, in the case of Terri-Lynne McClintic – who participated in the abduction, rape, and murder of eight year-old Tori Stafford – and was then transferred to a minimum security healing lodge without fences and where children are present after she lied about being Indigenous – Justin Trudeau refused to condemn McClintic’s horrendous crimes – and instead attacked the Conservatives – accusing them of being “ambulance chasing politicians” for bringing it up.

He called Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives “Islamophobes” for opposing Trudeau’s plan to reintegrate ISIS terrorists with poetry and pottery classes.

He called the Conservatives fear-mongerers, and then said “fear” is the biggest threat in the world. Not ISIS, not nuclear war, not economic collapse, but “fear.”

Of course, you can see where Trudeau is trying to go with that. If fear is the biggest threat in the world, and Conservatives are the ones spreading fear, than in Trudeau’s mind – that makes Conservatives the biggest threat in the world.

That is the true fear-mongering. It’s an attempt by Trudeau to demonize and delegitimize Canadians who disagree with him – which is exactly the approach being pushed by the radical left on university campuses.

Clearly, what’s happening on campuses isn’t staying there.

Identity politics purposefully seeks to create a dangerous void, by wiping out Canada’s historical and cultural past.

Canada was built primarily upon the ideas of Western Civilization. And Western Civilization in turn, was built heavily upon Christianity – particularly the idea that every one of us is made in the image of God and thus has an inherent worth and dignity that is worthy of respect.

The link between Christianity and human dignity is not often discussed these days, but it is certainly true – as noted by Michael Novak of the Acton Institute:

“What, after all, is human dignity? The English word dignity is rooted in the Latin dignus, “worthy of esteem and honor, due a certain respect, of weighty importance.” In ordinary discourse, we use dignity only in reference to human persons. (But, of course, in the Bible it is also used of other special persons or “spiritual substances,” that is, beings capable of insight and choice such as God, angels, and demons). Both Aristotle and Plato held that most humans are by nature slavish and suitable only to be slaves. Most do not have natures worthy of freedom and proper to free men. The Greeks did not use the term dignity for all human beings, only the few. By contrast, Christianity insisted that every single human is loved by the Creator, made in His image, and destined for eternal friendship and communion. Following Judaism, Christianity made human dignity a concept of universal application. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40). Christianity made it a matter of self-condemnation to use another human as a means to an end. Each human being is to be shown the dignity due to God because God loves each as a friend. Each has God as “a father.”

That idea – the inherent dignity and worth of the individual – served as the seed that grew into the freedom that sets apart the Western world from every other civilization.

We can see the direct impact of that idea of Human Dignity in many ways – especially in how historically Western Christian nations extend rights to people of all faiths and political viewpoints – a stark contrast to much of the Islamic world where non-Muslims often have very few rights, or Communist nations, where those who disagree with the political ideology of the state are often executed, ‘disappeared,’ or ‘re-educated’ for daring to question the status quo or think freely.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that – with almost no exceptions – Western countries with a strong history of Christianity are the countries that everyone is trying to get into.

They say that people vote with their feet, and we only have to look at the immigration numbers to see how people desperately try to flee non-Western countries in order to get to Western countries.

This speaks to the simple truth that Western Civilization is superior. It is the best. And we should never be afraid to say so. We must have the courage to speak the TRUTH.

Western Civilization offers individuals the most opportunity to be themselves, to speak their minds, to worship freely, to achieve prosperity.

It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not an accident. It’s because Western Civilization is based upon recognizing and protecting the dignity of the individual – rather than the state.

The dignity of the individual is something that Canadians have fought and died for, including in World War II when we fought against the Nazis who placed racial identity and state power above all else, and against the Islamists in Afghanistan, who placed ruthless and fascistic Sharia law above all else.

If you believe in the dignity of the individual – and I think all of us in this room believe in it – then you believe that people of many different backgrounds should be judged by their actions and their choices – not by what their colour may be or whether they are a man or a woman.

It’s amazing that we even have to say this, but identity politics has twisted things around so much that the basic yet profound idea of Martin Luther King Jr. – that we shouldn’t be judged by our skin colour, is now being argued against by the far-left.

We believe that people from different backgrounds have the capacity to share certain values, a belief that men and women should have equal rights under the law, a belief that people should be able to criticize the government and speak freely, a belief that we should have the power to vote out a government, and a belief that people should be able to worship freely – all aspects of respecting the dignity of the individual.

But here’s the thing.

Not everyone in the world believes as we do.

Free, Western societies are not the norm.

And, while there are many people from around the world who embrace freedom, love freedom, and want to defend and strengthen the ideas at the core of Western Civilization, there are also many who do not.

That’s why any free country that wants to stay that way must have a strong national identity, strong national confidence, and a willingness to make clear what our values are – and just as importantly – what our values are not.

And this is where identity politics has proven so destructive.

Everything I just wrote about above, our belief in the dignity of the individual, individual rights, the role played by Christianity in Western Civilization, the very idea of Western Civilization, shared values among people of different backgrounds – all of those things are explicitly rejected by those who spread identity politics.

Those who push identity politics think Western Civilization is nothing but colonization and oppression. They think Christianity is a tool of control and subjugation. They think people are nothing more than the colour of their skin and where that places them on a victim/victimizer hierarchy – rejecting the idea that people from totally different backgrounds can reach the same conclusion about the importance of freedom and human worth.

The identity politics-pushers see Canada’s history as evil. They want to wipe out that history – as we can see in their effort to recast the founding of our nation as nothing but colonization, and in their effort to erase the memory of Canada’s Founding Father John A. Macdonald.

Imagine a house.



Then, imagine you can see people digging at the side of the house, right into the foundation. Then, you watch as they rip that foundation out from under the house.

What would happen to the house?

We all know the answer.

That house would collapse.

Canada’s foundation is Western Civilization and the Dignity of the Individual.

The people pushing identity politics want to tear that foundation out.

And even as we speak, they are digging like mad.

And our foundation is weakening.

It’s why our sense of national pride and national identity is evaporating. It’s why we see politicians like Justin

Trudeau who demonize nationalism, reject Patriotism, and openly declare that Canada has no core identity.

He says ‘diversity’ is strength, while ignoring the fact that true strength in a nation comes from unity around shared values.

The problem with Trudeau’s combo of ‘diversity is strength’ and his claim that Canada has no core identity is that it will inevitably lead to a country that is nothing more than a place on a map.

Already we can see Canada being increasingly divided up into smaller and smaller groups, where some bring the old fights of their homeland and continue those fights in this country.

This is leading to more and more insanity, like watching a statue of John A. Macdonald get torn down at the same time a park in Winnipeg was named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the founder of Pakistan.

Identity politics has led us to the point where we can’t honour our own Founding Father, but we can somehow honour the Founding Father of a nation that totally rejects the freedoms we have in Canada.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s disturbing.

And as I said, the void that is being created by identity politics is growing.

And the thing about a void is that it inevitably gets filled with something.

That will lead us to the final threat to Canada: Islamism.


With the VOID created by the Globalists and those pushing Identity Politics, we are seeing a devastating loss of faith in the history, culture, and values upon which Canada is based.

And all too often, stepping into that void – a void that we also see across much of the Western World – is the ideology of Islamism – which seeks to use violence and coercion to overthrow free nations and put an Islamist theocracy in their place.

The simple reality is that the threat of Islamism continues to grow and spread throughout the Western World.

We see the toll of the vile Islamist ideology in the endless series of terrorist attacks, from organized attacks like the Bataclan Massacre in Paris, to so-called ‘lone-wolf’ attacks here in Canada, in the United States, across Europe, and across the world.

But the threat goes deeper.

Behind the scenes, the Islamist ideology of violence, anti-Semitism, and anti-freedom is being pushed on a growing number of people.

And it’s eerily similar to the fascism that Canadians fought and died to defeat.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s happening in our country:

On August 9, 2018, Global News reported on how the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque was stripped of their charitable status for spreading hate. One of the speakers at the Mosque was Ashton Larmond. Larmond is now in jail for trying to join ISIS.

On August 5, 2017 – Tarek Fatah reported in the Toronto Sun that the Mosque in Thorncliffe Park – in the same area where Toronto mass shooter Faisal Hussain lived, was preaching things like calling on “Allah” to “count their number,” “slay” non-Muslims,” and more.

On November 4, 2017, Joe Warmington reported about an Imam in a Toronto Mosque who – in words translated from Arabic – called for those who wish ill for “Islam” to be “annihilated.” Another statement by the Imam apparently referred to – and I won’t repeat the exact words – horrific anti-Semitic references to Jewish People.

On March 22, 2017, CJN reported on hate speech being spread in the Dar Al-Arqam mosque in Montreal and the Al-Hikmah mosque in Toronto. Remarks at the Mosques were seen by many as dehumanizing Jewish People, and inciting hatred and violence.

On May 4, 2018, Candice Malcolm reported that the Trudeau government gave Canada Summer jobs funding to the Muslim Association of Canada. Yet, in 2015, the Muslim Association of Canada was the subject of an RCMP search warrant that – Quote – “linked MAC headquarters in Mississauga to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy-Canada (IRFAN-Canada).” It’s a nice name, but IRFAN Canada is – quote – “a banned terrorist organization with financial ties to Hamas.”

The Harper federal government said IRFAN Canada gave about $14.6 million to HAMAS-linked groups.
Now, the IRFAN-linked Muslim Association of Canada is getting money from the federal government – being paid with our tax dollars.

As Malcom reported, “While MAC publicly speaks out against violence and terrorism, its leaders have also expressed support for both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC’s website once listed Muslim Brotherhood founder Imam Hassan Al-Banna as a major influence of the organization.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, MAC owns and operates at least 18 mosques and 20 schools across Canada; its properties in Canada are valued at upwards of $31 million.

A MAC-operated mosque in Vancouver also made headlines last November when its imam called on Muslims to send “money, weapons and expertise” to Palestinians fighting against Israel.”

Now, they’re getting our tax dollars.

And it gets even worse:

As I recently reported, “Thomas Quiggin – a highly respected court expert on terrorism with experience in the RCMP – alongside Tahir Gora – of The Canadian Thinkers Forum and TAG-TV, Raheel Raza and Sohail Raza of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and Benjamin Dichter – are calling for the RCMP to investigate the Trudeau government for potential funding of terrorism.”

In their letter, they said “The complaint is that Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity. IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have gone on the public record and stated that IRW uses charitable funds to provide material support to terrorism. In most cases, this means Hamas, an organization which is listed as a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada. Funding terrorism is a criminal act according to the Criminal Code of Canada.”

That’s just a small Fraction of what’s happening.

And as I mentioned earlier, the Trudeau government recently announced $50 MILLION in taxpayer dollars will be given to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency – the UNRWA. The UNRWA has been caught repeatedly spreading vile anti-semitism, and their leaders have even been caught praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Justin

Trudeau is giving them $50 million of OUR TAX DOLLARS.

That should be a national scandal!

As if that’s not enough, the Trudeau government is letting ISIS terrorists return to Canada, even offering help and ‘consular assistance’ to get them back within our borders.

While our allies like the United States, the United Kingdom, and France all took action to eliminate ISIS terrorists overseas, the Trudeau government refused. The Trudeau government struck down a law that the Conservatives had passed which stripped terrorists of their Citizenships.

And Justin Trudeau even called returning ISIS terrorists a ‘powerful voice,’ and the government offered things like Poetry and Pottery Classes to help supposedly ‘reintegrate’ the vicious terrorist killers.

NOW, I want you to take a moment and think of how the government and the media would react if they couldn’t hide behind the idea of Islam in all the things I just mentioned.

If any other group was spreading anti-Semitism, calling for violence, radicalizing young people, giving money to violent killers around the world, and vowing to wipe out the things we take for granted – like freedom of religion, individual freedom, and legal equality between men and women – we would rise up against it.

But when it’s a group that has Islam in their name, our so-called ‘leaders’ scurry away like cowards, afraid of confronting the threat for fear of being called ‘Islamophobic,’ or some other word that is used to shut people down from seeing the truth.

This cowardice on the part of those who are supposed to be protecting the Canadian People and our Canadian way of life is a direct result of the void created by Globalism and Identity Politics.

Those in power have lost confidence in Western Civilization, they’ve lost confidence in our history, and they’ve lost confidence in our values. Because they lack confidence, they lack the strength to defend Canada.

By contrast, the Islamists are full of confidence. They see Canada as a nation to be conquered, ‘non-believers’ as enemies to be eliminated, and freedom as something to be wiped out.

In the face of that confidence, our leaders simply surrender over and over again.

How else can we explain that the Trudeau government won’t even call ISIS by its name (calling it Daesh), and refer to ISIS terrorists as so-called ‘foreign fighters’

They do everything they can to avoid actually acknowledging that a violent subset of Islam is seeking the destruction of our way of life, and refuse to integrate into our society.

That’s what we see with M-103, which lays the initial groundwork for silencing any discussion or criticism of Islam – despite the fact that being able to criticize an idea is an essential part of living in a free society.

Making things even more disturbing is the fact that many Canadian Muslim Reformers – and it must be acknowledged that many Canadian Muslims reject Islamism, reject hate, and love freedom – were ignored by the Trudeau Liberals when they warned that M-103 would be used by Islamist hate preachers to get away with spreading their horrendous message.

And then we look at the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

The program was running just fine for years.

There were no complaints.

Individual MPs who knew their communities best gave the money to deserving groups.

In left-wing areas, that money went to left-wing groups.

In Conservative areas, that money went to conservative leaning groups – in many cases Christian groups doing important charitable work.

Yet – driven by the same anti-Christian, anti Canadian-heritage attitude being pushed through Identity Politics, the Trudeau government decided out of nowhere that groups had to sign a left-wing pledge that goes against many deeply held beliefs of millions of Canadians.

As a result, thousands of groups that once received funding were denied it – many of them Christian Groups.

But at the EXACT same time – as I mentioned previously – organizations tied to Islamic terrorism and hate are still getting taxpayer money.

Again and again we see this pattern repeating itself. The Trudeau government punishes and demonizes Christian Canadians – despite the Christian faith being a key foundation of our NATION. Meanwhile, those pushing a violent ideology that has ZERO connection to Canadian history – somehow get a free pass.

Everything that is deeply tied to Canada is denigrated, while everything that goes against Canada’s values and history is lifted up and praised.

Every moment that continues is another moment in which the Canada we love further slips through our fingers.

The danger of Islamism is that – as we see in Europe – things can look fine for a long-time, and then disaster strikes.

Europe – particularly in France, the UK, and Germany, thought everything was going just fine – and then woke up to the fact that a combination of open borders, lack of strong integration, and cowardly leaders unwilling to confront Islamism and deal with hate and violence spread in some Mosques – had led to a massive problem with Islamist terrorism. By the time they realized what was happening, they were dealing with a significant segment of their population that opposed the values of their nations, was willing to kill in order to spread a hateful ideology, and challenged the very foundation of the society.

Canada may not yet be as far gone as Europe, but our ‘leaders’ are taking us down that exact same path. We can see that it’s happening all around us.

If we don’t change the direction in which we are going – and fast – the three forces of Globalism, Identity Politics, and Islamism will destroy the foundation and future of our country.


So now, we know the threats. We know our nation is in danger. We know the stakes couldn’t be higher.

And while we know what we are against, we must make clear what we are for: Building a new movement that will grow from Coast to Coast to Coast to take back our nation.

That’s why TODAY must be the beginning of a nation-wide CANADIAN PATRIOTIC MOVEMENT:

And here’s what a CANADIAN PATRIOTIC MOVEMENT Would do to begin the Restoration of Canada.

The carbon tax and other job-destroying regulations would be cancelled to unleash the true power and potential of the Canadian economy.

We would never hurt our workers and our industries just to gain favour at elitist conferences in distant global capitals.

We never again sign an international trade deal that gives any foreign country jurisdiction over our court system or government decisions.

We strengthen our military and ensure we have a strong and modern force to protect our country. Relying on other countries to defend us is not an acceptable plan. We must handle it ourselves.

We would be very clear that Canada’s national identity is based upon embracing freedom of speech, the dignity of the individual, freedom of association, freedom of action, and economic freedom. We are the True North Strong & Free, and Free must mean something.

We stand strong for Canada’s cultural heritage, including the gift of Western Civilization. We protect the legacy of our founders, and resist any attempt to wipe out their memory or take down their statues.

Canada would be a welcoming country, but that welcome would be on our terms, would be lawful, and would be based upon our commitment to ensuring we always remain a free nation – pushing back against any ideology or system that wants to suppress or take away our freedom. Those who cross into Canada illegally would not be allowed to stay in the country.

We fully Eliminate foreign aid and keep our taxpayers money in Canada. We use that money to help Canadians who are suffering instead of giving it away to foreign governments.

We make sure that CANADIAN Citizenship has meaning again – and the evil ISIS terrorists are stripped of citizenship, eliminated overseas by any means necessary, and banned permanently from ever setting foot on Canadian soil.

We use tax incentives to encourage Canadian companies to invest in Canada. Far better to have Canadian private sector companies investing in and owning our natural resources than foreign companies that could be controlled by foreign governments.

We ensure that the school system is about educating young people to succeed in the economy, not indoctrinating them with radical left social engineering.

We investigate those spreading hate in Canada, cracking down on Islamists and kicking hateful imams out of the country – making clear that their vile hatred and anti-Semitism has no place within our nation.

While still working with other countries and making mutually beneficial trade deals, we focus first and foremost on our domestic economy. We lower taxes for Canadian families, workers, and businesses, encouraging more spending within our country, making it more affordable for Canadian Citizens to grow our families, and creating economic growth that benefits our people.

We END oil imports from Saudi Arabia and other foreign countries. Bring in a “Buy Canadian” program to make sure 100% of Canada’s oil is domestically supplied. We support and strengthen the oil sands and other Canadian oil producers.

We put Canadian Workers first, rather than falling for the same deals that have enriched China and other countries at the expense of our workers.

We restore justice to our justice system by ending the pathetically weak sentences handed down for heinous crimes.

We never compromise on the fundamental principle that the government must serve the Canadian People, rather than trying to control them. The State must get back to basics: build roads and essential infrastructure, administer services efficiently, keep Canadians safe, and otherwise keep taxes low and stay out of our lives.

We reshape the relationship between the government and the Canadian People. We put Canadians back in charge of our own destiny.

Each of us, starting today, has the power to bring this into reality and turn back the tide. Instead of a dangerous ‘post nationalist’ future, we can restore the promise of our country through a CANADIAN PATRIOTIC MOVEMENT that will give us the strength to defeat Globalism, Identity Politics, and Islamism.

Turning the tide starts with our mindset. Our mindset as Canadians.

Everything results first and foremost from our thoughts, and the Canadian Patriotic Movement provides a mindset that is in direct opposition to globalism, identity politics, and Islamism.

If we change the thoughts that rule our nation, we will change our nation.

The globalists are terribly afraid of a Canadian Patriotic Movement, because it has the power to unite Canadians of all backgrounds and all faiths around our shared values and our determination to protect the Canadian Nation State – undoing the dangerous divisiveness of identity politics.

Remember, when people are divided they are easier to control, and that’s what globalism and identity politics is all about. It divides us into smaller and smaller tribes, while Patriotism & Nationalism unites us as one tribe – CANADIANS.

As unified CANADIANS, our shared values of respect for our tradition of Western Civilization, individual dignity, and freedom can overcome all the differences that are supposed to divide us.

When we are unified, we will realize that our country cannot allow Islamism to spread. Our love of our country leads us to want to protect it, and a hateful, conquering ideology within our borders is not something we can accept.

To take back our country, we must also recognize one thing that the globalists, identity politics pushers and Islamists understand and have used against Patriotic Canadians:

They understand the power of words.

They use words like weapons, ruthlessly deploying them against us. They repeat the same things over and over and over again, twisting their meaning until common sense is overwhelmed and replaced by falsehood.
They have denigrated Patriotism & Nationalism – even though it just means loving and defending our country.

As a result, Patriotic Canadians are on the defensive, afraid to be politically incorrect, afraid to say something ‘wrong,’ afraid to be considered ‘offensive.’

That ends NOW.

We are the ones who are standing up for our country. It’s the post-nationalists who should be on the defensive, because Globalism, Identity Politics, and Islamism are deeply anti-Canadian

The reality is that without Canadian Nationalism and Patriotism, without a Canadian Patriotic Movement – Canada as we know it will not survive:

To take back our country, we will need to be courageous and we need to be tough.
We know that we will be attacked for loving our country and wanting to defend it.

We know we will be called names.

We know we will be denigrated.

We know they will lie about us.

And we know that they will attempt to silence us.

But we must push past all of that.

We believe in our country, and we believe in what it can be. And that belief – including our belief in the values and civilization that form Canada’s foundation – gives us the strength to overcome whatever obstacles stand in our way.

In person, on social media, on the radio, and on TV, we need to have the courage and toughness to say that we are Patriotic Canadians – showing the millions of Canadian Patriots across the country that they are not alone.

Even as we face a tough and difficult battle ahead, take a moment and IMAGINE what Canada could be like if we are able to cast off globalism, reject identity politics, and defeat Islamism.

Imagine a country where strong families can afford to live and grow and prosper.

Imagine a country where we embrace the future with confidence, because we understand the importance of our past.

Imagine a country where people embrace each other as Canadian Citizens first and foremost, realizing that our shared Love of Canada gives us far more power and far more strength than any of the narrow tribes that identity politics pushed on us.

Imagine a country where we seek to give every Canadian the opportunity to live a life of opportunity and prosperity, by always making sure that our own economic interests are put first – even when it may not be popular on the world stage.

Imagine a country where we unleash the full power and potential of our vast land and abundant resources, reaching levels of wealth for our country the we could only have dreamed of.

And imagine a country where we live in peace and security, knowing that we are safe from threats at home, while a strong, modern, and well-equipped military ensures are protected from threats abroad.

That country we’re all imagining in our minds can be real. Canada can be that country. We wouldn’t be here today if we weren’t meant to bring that imagined nation into reality.

We now face a clear fight between two sides, a fight between the ‘post-national movement,’ and the Canadian Patriotic Movement.

We must win that fight, because the country we love depends on it.

Thank you.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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