B.C. NDP Accidentally Admits Carbon Tax Hurts The Economy

In their attempt to support the Trudeau government, the B.C. NDP just blew a big hole in one of Trudeau & McKenna’s favourite talking points.

The Trudeau Liberals love saying – against all the evidence – that the carbon tax is good for the economy. McKenna even calls it part of a $30 trillion climate change ‘opportunity.’

Yet, that talking point about the carbon tax helping the economy has been refuted over and over again. And this time, it was a Trudeau ally doing the refuting.

The B.C. NDP are joining a court case pitting the Trudeau government against Ontario & Saskatchewan, who are arguing the Trudeau government can’t impose the carbon tax against the will of the provinces.

But B.C. is joining on the side of the Trudeau government, saying the carbon tax needs to be imposed. And they give a very ‘interesting’ reason why.

Here’s what B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman said:

“Greenhouse gases do not respect provincial boundaries or international boundaries for that matter. We will argue that there will be harm to our competitiveness if other provinces do not put a price on carbon.”

Wait a minute…

If the carbon tax doesn’t hurt the economy, how could B.C. having one and other provinces not having one hurt the B.C. economy?

It’s almost as if applying a massive tax on everything isn’t good for the economy…


What a shocking revelation!

And not only does Heyman basically admit the carbon tax is bad for the economy, his musings about ‘international boundaries’ also wipes out another Trudeau talking point.

Trudeau and McKenna pretend that Canada’s emissions are a big part of global emissions, but they’re not. We’re less than 2%. And a one year increase in China’s emissions is far more than any change Canada could ever make.

So, if as Heyman correctly points out that emissions don’t respect borders, then Canada holding back our economy and hurting our consumers with a carbon tax is absolute insanity when emissions are rising rapidly in the two biggest polluting countries – China & India.

Once again, we see that the carbon tax simply can’t hold up in any logical way, and is instead nothing more than a tax grab and virtue-signalling cudgel for the elites.

It must be scrapped entirely.

Spencer Fernando

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