Biased Dias Wants To Shut Down All GM Plants In North America To Stop Oshawa Closure

Trudeau’s buddy Dias – who supports the media bailout and calls himself the ‘resistance’ to the Conservatives – says he’s open to mass walkouts at GM plants across North America.

Unifor head Jerry Dias (AKA Biased Dias) wants to shut down all GM plants in North America in an effort to stop the closure of the Oshawa plant.

After calling for tariffs on Mexican-made cars, Dias told BNN Bloomberg, “And two, I’m meeting with the head of the [United Automobile Workers] next Wednesday. If I had my way, we’d shut down every General Motors manufacturing plant in Canada and the United States until they got the message. That’s how I would deal with it.”

The United Auto Workers are highly unlikely to agree to Dias’ idea of shutting down all plants, since it would be total economic devastation and would likely cause even more plant closures, backfiring entirely.

While Dias isn’t busy talking about shutting down plants, he’s been getting buddy-buddy with Justin Trudeau. From his role in negotiating the USMCA trade deal that many feel was very bad for Canada, to supporting the media bailout, and to pledging to interfere in the 2019 election and defeat the Conservatives, Dias has been doing Trudeau’s bidding for some time now.

Unsurprisingly, the Trudeau-Dias relationship hasn’t gotten any results for auto workers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

The man is an IDIOT. This is what the socialist`s want. Get rid of all the high paid labor jobs.It will be easier for the take over of new world order and there 3.00 hr wages. This is what an empty-headed socialist liberal criminal would want

"Timp Guy"

Dias is just doing his job with a employer that hasn’t figured out that reasonable negotiating tactics will keep things on track. There are many examples of employers and unions sorting out their differences to keep everything running. GM, an American based corporation, isn’t one of those employers. I’m a retired Plant Manager who had the Steel Workers Union as a partner. We had the most safest, most productive, operation in the Group.


I understand your situation, and it is Dias that hasn’t figured out that reasonable negotiating is what will work, but it is beyond that point now. Trudeau’s government doesn’t care about any corporation. Let them leave, he wants a socialist society.

Don Taylor

Turdeau is the Snake that Trump warned every body about,do not trust that Dias he is a Union FOOL,I was in a Union for 20 YRS

Gonzo the Magnificent

Diaz is nothing but a big mouth, full of bluster.

alan skelhorne

go ahead diaz, and be like your buddy, an embarrassement to canadians. however, no matter how stron you are in canada, you are a very small potato in the usa.american workers hears what your saying, oh well c,est la vie.

Moe. S.

Hey Jerry, your delusional. Here’s the truth of the matter. Trudeau will be your buddy until after the next election. Trudeau needs the Ontario Unifor member votes. The other fact? Jerry, your meal ticket will expire on Dec/2019. Trudeau will be unemployed on Oct/2019.

shawn harris

Jerry Dias like Trudeau both believe that only their version of rights and freedoms matter. Trudeau likes to believe that you have rights , just so long as they are approved by him, remember the summer jobs grant program that said you can’t get funding unless you agree to his version of your guaranteed charter rights. Well Dias, who claims to be defending the rights of workers, only so long as they agree with his beliefs; now thinks that GM has to bow down to his demands because he has spoken and declared that GM just can’t close a plant… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Dias is right – if Turdo won’t or can’t do anything, the unions can and should. This is one of those rare instances where a national or international union is worth its salt. However, I still say invite Asian or European automakers to take the place of GM and the Americans. Oh, and Turdo should immediately cancel the F-35 Fighter Jet order. There are better and cheaper options available – just not from the Yanks.


I am a union man to the core and have even been in this particular union but I have always believed that any one union should have a limit on the number of members to prevent what is happening now.A union should be for negotiating fair wages,fair benefits,fair working hours,safety issues etc. When a union becomes this large and political to the extent they throw their support to one party and encourage the rank and file to do likewise they become dangerous .They are now a one trick pony led by a handful of people that may be bought by… Read more »