Bombardier Likely To Lose $1 Billion Via Rail Order To German-Based Siemens AG

Another impending failure by Bombardier’s incompetent execs.

Bombardier looks likely to suffer another embarrassing failure.

This time, it’s the loss of a $1 billion order.

The order is from Via Rail, which – despite being state owned – is unable to favour Bombardier in the bidding process due to free trade rules.

Via Rail is upgrading their passenger fleet, and a report in the La Presse newspaper says the order is likely to be given to Siemens AG – a German based company.

As noted by Bloomberg, “Losing the Via Rail order would hand Bombardier a second high-profile setback in its home country in a matter of months. In February, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, Canada’s second-largest public-pension manager, picked Alstom SA of France to build trains for a $6.3 billion automated light-rail system it’s building in and around Montreal.”

Once again, Bombardier’s incompetent executives have failed.

They can’t even win contracts in their own country.

All they’re good at is getting bailouts and paying themselves bonuses.

How do any of those execs still have jobs?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I guess the huge mess and hold back on cars for the Toronto lines, a few years back and the court case that followed and Ontario was ordered to pay and wait more years for them to be made correctly, has made other areas of Canada not want to order from them, we tax payers just have to keep paying for a floundering companies management, whose business is really hardly in Canada any longer, most of it’s production is overseas. All our bailout stolen tax dollars for the rich, while oil cannot get any LIEberal/ndp help and it is employing… Read more »

Eric Blair

“They can’t even win contracts in their own country” what about their own province or what about in their own city! Didn’t they screw up a streetcars order or something like that from the TTC recently? They sold off their Dash 8/Q 400 turboprop business to another company (Canadian I think or at least I hope so), the C series jet is now owned by Airbus. All they got left is business jets… what a waste of jet fuel to fly a few “busy” executives around the world, how green is that? Climate Barbie will put a stop to that.… Read more »


Interesting how this current system will handsomely reward lies, cheats and thieves and anyone being honest gets decimated…hmmmmm

Ken (Kulak)

Personally, considering the mood that this federal government has put me in, I would say that this is good news. Let Bombardier go down.


Rather think Calgary went offshore for their LRT cars. Bombardier was decent back in the day with it’s early snow machines, but it’s been all downhill since then.