BUILD THAT PIPE: Patriotic Canadian Oil Supporters Protest Outside Morneau Event (VIDEOS)

Patriotic Canadians holding signs saying “Bill C-69 is all risk & no reward,” “Apply the same standards to foreign oil,” and “We need pipelines,” stand up for Canadian oil.

A large group of Patriotic Canadians rallied in support of our Canadian oil industry, outside of an event in Calgary at which Trudeau finance minister Bill Morneau was speaking.

The protest was organized by Canada Action and Rally 4 Resources.

Anger is growing in Alberta and across Canada, as the Trudeau government decimates the oil industry through taxes, regulations, cancelling pipelines, and now with the upcoming Bill C-69, a nightmarish piece of legislation that will make pipeline approvals almost impossible.

Below, you can see videos and photos from the rally:

“Another huge turnout for our rally today, outside ⁦@Bill_Morneau⁩ speaking event.

We’re all Canadians, we can’t ignore the families in our resource sector.

Global oil demand is growing.”

“Passed along from a friend on the ground, video of protest outside Trudeau Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Calgary event right now.

“We ❤️ Oil & Gas
@EnergyCitizens @CanadaAction @rally4resources #calgary #yyc #canada #alberta #buildthatpipe”

is on fire! Can you hear us ?

“There were more people outside the event than inside We need immediate action to protect the livelihoods + families that work in our energy sector To do nothing, is to support other oil and gas exporting nations at the expense of 🇨🇦 families and the 🌎 environment”

If we had a real federal government that cared about the country, they would be listening to the Patriotic Canadians standing up for our energy industry.

Instead, the Trudeau government is standing with American billionaires trying to destroy Canadian oil. And the establishment media will give little attention to these protests. So, help share this article and get the word out about how Canadians are really responding, and how people are coming together to support Canadian oil.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Canada Action)


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