DISLOYAL: Trudeau Government Giving More Taxpayer Money To Anti-Oil Sands Tides Canada

The Trudeau government is doing the dirty work for foreign billionaires trying to take down the Canadian oil industry.

In an act of total disloyalty, the Trudeau government is giving more money to the anti-oil sands Tides Canada, even as the Canadian oil industry faces a devastating crisis.

As shared by journalist David Akin on Twitter, Catherine McKenna has directed $35,000 taxpayer dollars to Tides Canada:

[email protected] , @environmentca , McKenna , Tides Canada Initiatives – Dasiqox Tribal Park Initiative on Grizzly Bear Habitat , Ottawa , ON , $ 35 000 , BC , #Ottawaspends CPC @ToddDohertyMP”

This is appalling.

Tides Canada is a subsidiary of the Tides Foundation, which is funded by American billionaires seeking to destroy the Canadian oil industry.

Why the hell are they getting any taxpayer money?

McKenna’s willingness to give more money to Tides – obviously approved of by Justin Trudeau – just goes to show that this government is – as I’ve long said – an enemy of the Canadian oil industry.

No matter what spin they put on it, no matter what rhetoric they use, the Trudeau Liberals can’t hide from the reality that it’s actions that matter, and the actions of this government show they have a clear desire to see Canada’s oil industry crumble and fall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Ron Voss

“the Trudeau government is giving more money to the anti-oil sands Tides Canada”. OUR money!


This is absolutely traitorous, if we still had a real not bought out, mainstream media, it would be front page news. This is the worst U.N. puppet, globalist, unethical, destructive, illegally put in, LIEberal/ndp non-government ever. Where are the RCMP, where are the laws and judges and lawyers, where is the senate, are they all corrupt, why is this not being stopped, they our spending our tax dollars and building debts to destroy Canada and advertise for themselves, they need to be in prison (in Saudi Arabia they deserve that) all of them and their assets seized until the Lieberal… Read more »

Eleanor Merkus

This is truly reprehensible. This idiotic government should be ashamed!!!! Canada depends on oil, uses oil, imports oil, and yet we support TIDES?????? I can’t get my head around the stupidity that abounds in this Lieberal government. They should be ashamed to take a paycheque from Canada.


WHy would Turdoe want Canadian oil to fail , what would the purpose be? What benefits is in it for the liberals if they do fail? Another question why dose Turdoe dislike Canadians as much as trump dislikes turdoe


Because he hates oil along with his buddy Butts.(whats in a name). He bought the pipeline so that he can manage its demise.

Moe. S.

Why would Turdoe want Can oil to fail? What would be the purpose? Answer: Gerald Butts, principal secretary and close friend to Trudeau. Prior to Trudeau, he was the advisor to Ont., Premier Doulton McGuinty. Butts also the architect of the failed “green energy” Ontario Act. Butt’s has been quoted as saying the following, “truth be told, we don’t think there ought to be a carbon-based energy industry by the middle of this century.”(2012) The goal is to keep oil in the ground by raising the cost of gasoline through a carbon tax (Trudeau) or cap&trade another carbon tax. The… Read more »


and then trudeau wonders why companies like GM are pulling out of Canada. but then again its probably part of his master plan against fossil fuels

Arie Intveld

George Soros is a Fabian Socialist via the London School of Economics; he is the “financial legs” under the Tides Foundation and the global Czar of Chaos. Catherine McKenna (aka Climate Barbie) is a Fabian Socialist also via the London School of Economics. Coincidence? Catherine McKenna was also educated at McGill University (of MK Ultra mind control fame). Gee … just like Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts. A pattern emerges … Catherine McKenna teaches at the Munk School of Global Affairs (which also has George Soros as a significant donor) and she is also a board member of the Trudeau… Read more »

Mike Allan

Trudope isn’t going to listen to any of the law abiding citizens of Canada.The little socialist trudope is on a mission and who’s to stop it.With the new voting laws inacted by the libtards and about 11 months before the 2019 election.Lots of chat and a few ideas.Remember trudope has millions of dollars of support.There’s know sence in looking back at shoulda,coulda,woulda.This globalist doesn’t give two sh**s about the hard working Canadian family.These UN socialist globalist will kill Canada without blinking an eye.How do we stop this evil lying tyrant.All transfers$ to Ottawa must stop.Our money makes trudope tick.There must… Read more »

shawn harris

By McKenna giving away, for free our tax dollars, to Tides Canada, it just shows how much the Liberals of Justin Trudeau openly despise and hate Canadians. The fake image of actually “bringing balance to the oil industry and environment’, is now finally dropped. Trudeau , McKenna and all the other Liberals are supposed to as their first priority, protect Canada, Canadians, our sovereignty, and govern for the benefit of all Canadians, not for the benefit of foreign funded eco terrorist organizations like Tides and Tides Canada. Tides Canada and other foreign funded NGOs haven’t brought Canada or Canadians any… Read more »