DISLOYAL: Trudeau Government Giving More Taxpayer Money To Anti-Oil Sands Tides Canada

The Trudeau government is doing the dirty work for foreign billionaires trying to take down the Canadian oil industry.

In an act of total disloyalty, the Trudeau government is giving more money to the anti-oil sands Tides Canada, even as the Canadian oil industry faces a devastating crisis.

As shared by journalist David Akin on Twitter, Catherine McKenna has directed $35,000 taxpayer dollars to Tides Canada:

“.@cathmckenna , @environmentca , McKenna , Tides Canada Initiatives – Dasiqox Tribal Park Initiative on Grizzly Bear Habitat , Ottawa , ON , $ 35 000 , BC , #Ottawaspends CPC @ToddDohertyMP”

This is appalling.

Tides Canada is a subsidiary of the Tides Foundation, which is funded by American billionaires seeking to destroy the Canadian oil industry.

Why the hell are they getting any taxpayer money?

McKenna’s willingness to give more money to Tides – obviously approved of by Justin Trudeau – just goes to show that this government is – as I’ve long said – an enemy of the Canadian oil industry.

No matter what spin they put on it, no matter what rhetoric they use, the Trudeau Liberals can’t hide from the reality that it’s actions that matter, and the actions of this government show they have a clear desire to see Canada’s oil industry crumble and fall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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