Toronto Red Star Tries Pinning GM Leaving Oshawa On Doug Ford, Gives Justin Trudeau A Pass

They’re getting ready for that bailout money.

Looks like the Toronto Red Star is already getting ready for their slice of that sweet Trudeau media bailout cash.

The way they’re covering the departure of GM from Oshawa is bias at it’s worst.

Take a look at the tweet from Jason Lietaer, who exposed the biased coverage:

“On the left, a politician who’s governed for 3 and a half years and the Star loves is left mostly out of the bad news story.

On the right, a politician the Star hates and has governed for a few months is blamed for the GM mess.”

The bias is massive.

Trudeau – and the Ontario Liberals – had years to put Ontario in a good economic position. They filled miserably, leaving Doug Ford with a massive mess to clean up.

He and the Ontario PCs have just barely begun turning things around, yet the Star is blaming them?

And then they let Trudeau slide by talking about how he’s looking at ‘all options.’

What a disgrace.

And just imagine, if the establishment media is already this biased, how much worse will it get once they’re dependent on Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded bailout for their survival?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


Trudeau is planning to bailout the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars. He wants to buy them off. But unlike the establishment media, I don’t take taxpayer money. When people contribute to me, they do it voluntarily. If you can, I ask you to support my Independent writing with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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Thousands will be out of work but the Border is still wide pen for illegals. Will the steel industry be next? Trudeau has to cut down on pollution no matter who it hurts.

What are barbies thoughts on the reduction of pollution?

Don Taylor

Any sane person knows whose fault this is ,and it is squarely on top of Trudeau weak shoulders,but naturally he will try and PUT the Blame on some one else like the spineless SOB that he is

Ron Voss

Understandable as the Toronto Red Star is part of the Resistance.

Alexander S. Romanchuk

No surprises, Spencer. I’ll bet you $100 Cdn. that some sort of payout will emanate from Turdo and his Lieberals. If it’s not directly to GM then some sort of payola will go to the whimpering workers at the Oshawa plant and, perhaps, to others on the domino trail.

Gary Hudson

What Nonsense! Ford is absolutely not the cause of the shut down. The plant was shut down because it was the one of the 4 least profitable of many of the GM plants. That’s least profitable despite a currency advantage of 30% . This failure can be laid solely on Jerry Diaz, the head of the union that was intransigent in negotiations and insisted on outrageous wages and benefits and threatened walkouts at every chance. Its on you Jerry! You are directly responsible for the loss of a couple thousand jobs that will never be replaced. Employees at the other… Read more »


The fact that GM is closing four plants in the USA and one in Canada and are closing two more elsewhere in the world later to streamline their operations, laying off 15 % workers and 25 % management. This whole story has nothing to do with our Canadian politics (as Doug Ford stated but will not be heard). The U.N. LIEBERAL/ndp bought out mainstream media will use any smear on a Conservative. President Trump has also called GM and talked to them and told them how disappointed he was with their shutdowns in the USA, also.


By far the best Conservative reporter in the land. Well done Spencer. Rebel Media is pro Maxime so anti conservative. Maxime the goat trying to split the vote . Were on to you Mad Max


How can you have an independent press when it’s financed by the Liberal Government and this is the result a total BS news article. Who writes this crap and then expects anyone with half a brain to believe it….


The bribed reporters can blame the conservatives all they want, but when it comes to businesses, jobs, the business owners know who is the culprit behind their departure from Canada and no amount of bribed reporters can change that. Justin Trudeau and the liberal party both in fed and provincial are to blame for the outcome of loss of jobs and investments in Canada.

shawn harris

The Toronto’s red star newspaper is demonstrating exactly what has happened to journalistic independence. They are and have been for a very long time driven by socialist ideology , pretending to report the facts, of a story, in a non biased format. They like the CBC, the communist broadcaster of Canada, performs exactly the same way, but deceitfully tries to to show journalistic balance by throwing a small amount of good things to report about Conservatives; but mostly negative slanted reporting on Conservatives, all for appearances. So it doesn’t come now as a surprise and it won’t be a surprise… Read more »


Puppet-boy JT is bailing out the libtards again using tax-payer money to do it! This time, he’s more or less buying the media that has been failing and trying to keep JT and his underdogs afloat by trying to sensationalize any narrative press they can give him. What next? The steel industry or the electric companies? Not likely!