Toronto Red Star Tries Pinning GM Leaving Oshawa On Doug Ford, Gives Justin Trudeau A Pass

They’re getting ready for that bailout money.

Looks like the Toronto Red Star is already getting ready for their slice of that sweet Trudeau media bailout cash.

The way they’re covering the departure of GM from Oshawa is bias at it’s worst.

Take a look at the tweet from Jason Lietaer, who exposed the biased coverage:

“On the left, a politician who’s governed for 3 and a half years and the Star loves is left mostly out of the bad news story.

On the right, a politician the Star hates and has governed for a few months is blamed for the GM mess.”

The bias is massive.

Trudeau – and the Ontario Liberals – had years to put Ontario in a good economic position. They filled miserably, leaving Doug Ford with a massive mess to clean up.

He and the Ontario PCs have just barely begun turning things around, yet the Star is blaming them?

And then they let Trudeau slide by talking about how he’s looking at ‘all options.’

What a disgrace.

And just imagine, if the establishment media is already this biased, how much worse will it get once they’re dependent on Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded bailout for their survival?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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