Ford Slams Trudeau On Carbon Tax & “False Hope” On GM Oshawa Plant Closure

“Right now, all they’re doing is talking.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed Justin Trudeau on the economically damaging carbon tax, and for “raising false hope” surrounding the impending closure of the GM plant in Oshawa.

Ford said that even though Trudeau, Unifor, and others know the plant isn’t coming back, they’re still “picking fights” in public.

He said that if GM, the union head, Trudeau, and Andrea Horwath want to “do something constructive, I’m here, but right now all they’re doing is talking.”

Video of Ford’s remarks can be watched below:

Ford also slammed the carbon tax, saying that if Trudeau is really serious that “all options are on the table,” he needs to scrap the carbon tax:

“Justin Trudeau can’t campaign for a job killing carbon tax on Monday and wonder why manufacturing and automotive jobs are leaving on Tuesday. Save our manufacturing jobs @JustinTrudeau — scrap your carbon tax.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter