Liberal MP Raj Grewal Sure Seemed Interested In How The RCMP Investigated Large Financial Transactions


The Trudeau Liberals seem to be once again ignoring their ‘most open and transparent government of all time’ promise.

And the resignation of Liberal MP Raj Grewal is still leaving lots of unanswered questions.

Remember, the Liberals first said Grewal was leaving because of ‘health’ and ‘personal’ issues.

Then – after muzzling their MPs – they said it was because of a ‘gambling problem’ and lots of debt – presumably from the gambling.

And now, it turns out that when he was on the House of Commons Finance Committee, Grewal was very interested in how the RCMP investigated money laundering and large financial transactions.

According to the Globe & Mail, “Transcripts of the committee’s hearings show that he was particularly interested in the testimony of members of law-enforcement agencies such as the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency or the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which collects data on financial transactions of more than $10,000 at financial institutions and casinos.”

Additionally, “Mr. Grewal was interested in the ability of federal agencies to investigate and prosecute money-laundering activities, asking how many convictions were obtained in a given year.”

Hilariously, Grewal at one point asked “How many resources does FINTRAC have to go after each little $10,000 transaction? If I’m money laundering, I’m not doing transactions in the millions to catch attention. I’m doing them at the $10,000, $15,000 limit to get away with it.”

Grewal was under investigation, and remains so.

It certainly seems there’s more going on here than the Trudeau Liberals have admitted. At the very least, they need to be transparent with Canadians on what’s going on, and why they weren’t forthcoming with details sooner.

Personally, I don’t care if Grewal had gambling issues, as that’s really a matter for him to deal with. But, since he was in a position to exert influence and power through the government and on committees, it’s disturbing to see that he was so interested in how investigations worked while he was being investigated.

The issue is that Grewal was an elected MP, and was supposed to be serving his constituents. If he was doing otherwise, than Canadians have a right to know.

Instead however, it appears the Trudeau Liberals once again repeated their usual pattern: Release as little info as they can, then only release bits and pieces more as pressure rises. That’s the opposite of transparency.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

It would be nice if we had a transparent govt,because the Turdeau Govt sure isn’t Transparent


We must have harsher laws on those people who are in our government looking after our country on every level, they are too well paid and many are corrupt and do not earn their lucrative salaries. Their families and friends and their businesses should all be checked thoroughly before they can become candidates, and they should at least be second or third generation Canadian citizens, their bank accounts and tax records should be made public to be able to represent Canada and Canadians, that alone would stop much of this corruption. Punishments for not being open and truthful, should be… Read more »


The liberals were given the opportunity to master their activities, repeated non answers without ever taking responsibility of their actions from day one. The bribed media also perfected their attacks on everyone else particularly on conservatives since decades ago. So what Grewal did wrong or not will be defended fiercely by other liberals as Brison is defended daily. The conservatives tried in every way to ask questions but are constantly blamed for it. Conservatives mps should have put a lid on the liberals three yrs ago when they saw that jihadi Justin and liberals were not going to do anything… Read more »

Don Piche

I suspect many members of this Rogue Lieberal Marxist Gov’t have things to hide going into an election less than a year away… It’s a disgrace that they have the means to muzzle both the Media & Canadian Citizens. I just hope a Majority of Canadians manage to turf them in 2019; and then we can find out the true extent of their crimes while in office (and then bring them to Justice without political interference from their allies).


Spencer, this huge story of yet another liberal mp embroiled in scandal does not meet the eye for bribed reporters and paid media to show the public on a daily hourly basis why? This is not a conservative scandal.

Moe. S.

Jen, The U.K. media was exposed for not reporting major scandals involving anyone of color or of a different ethnicity for fear of being called “racist.” No different in Canada.