With Oil Industry In Crisis & GM Leaving Oshawa, Trudeau’s Trade Triumphalism Looks Incredibly Foolish

If all these deals Trudeau is signing are such big ‘wins’ for Canada, why are things going so badly?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have often taken a triumphalist tone when it comes to trade.

They’ve boasted of all the trade deals they supposedly closed, and touted the NAFTA replacement USMCA as a big ‘win’ for Canada.

Yet, that so-called ‘win’ clearly didn’t include anything that would help two of Canada’s largest industries – the oil industry and the auto sector.

The oil industry is getting the worst of it, being absolutely shredded by a massive price differential and being held back further by destructive regulations.

And now the auto sector is struggling, with GM leaving Oshawa and closing 4 factories in the US, while maintaining all their production in Mexico – even though the USMCA was supposed to help Canada and the US stop the bleeding of auto sector jobs to Mexico and other countries like China.

How can a trade deal be a ‘win’ if it does absolutely nothing to help the country?

Trudeau’s trade triumphalism, like all of his rhetoric, has been revealed as empty, deceptive, and without substance.

Canada isn’t getting ‘wins’ on trade. We’re being handed loss after loss, as companies leave the country, jobs are lost to foreign competitors, and our homegrown industries struggle to just stay alive.

How many more of those Trudeau ‘wins’ can this nation take?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Moe. S.

Trudeau’s only concern is his virtue signaling global causes. While he was spreading Canadian taxpayer’s money around the world, like dominos, the Can oil industries shut down 80% of the rigs and left for the U.S.
because Trudeau would not listen. Now the domino effect of losing Can auto industries to the U.S. has begun.
The media is not reporting the job loses since 2015, which has been estimated at 175,000 so far. The population of Canada is increasing with migrants, while jobs are leaving the country.

Gonzo the Magnificent

You ought to come to Toronto on the Kingston Rd. motel strip and the local hospital – Rouge Valley – if you want to see what it is all about.

Don Taylor

Trudeau was out to break Canada from the beginning people,will want to know what can be done before the election when we can kick This Traitor out of Ottawa

Don Piche

When are Canadians going to realise This Trudeau Gov’t is nothing but an expensive smoke & mirrors show?? This is the absolute worst elected Gov’t in our History and yet I still witness people calling for another 4 years of it daily – what’s the matter with these people?? I’m hoping enough Canadians can wake up to the facts and end this insanity in 2019 or I dare say we might not have anything left worth saving anymore….

Gonzo the Magnificent

Like you, I’m betting he gets 4 more in 2019! People are too busy watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to care about what is going on in Canada. That’s called irresponsible!


Just this morning a very revealing piece about the NAFA rewrite and what Canada gave up in
the Wall Street Journal.

shawn harris

Trudeau boosts about how well our economy is doing and how great a negotiator he is, yet if everything is doing so well , in our economy, then why the need for such strangulating regulations, high taxes. When the opposite is the true reality, businesses, investors leaving Canada, industries shutting down,workers being laidoff, and seeing their wages and jobs reduced to part time. The only real success Trudeau has produced so far, is a failing economy, with low and getting lower levels of productivity, while workers incomes shrink through high and very high taxes. Remember that this is the same… Read more »