Trudeau’s Failure To Stop Illegal Border Crossers Could Cost Canadian Taxpayers Over $1 Billion By End Of 2020

That’s money that can’t be used to help Canadians.

The accumulated cost of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s failure to protect Canada’s border is set to reach over $1 billion by the end of 2020 if open border policies remain in place.

The Parliamentary Budget Office says the cost of illegal border crossings in 2017 was $340 million, and will reach $400 million by the end of 2019. Considering that Canada is on pace for at least as many – if not more illegal crossings in 2018, and considering that Justin Trudeau shows no sign of protecting Canada’s border, the illegal influx is likely to continue.

As a result, the total cost of illegal border crossings could reach up to $1 billion by the end of 2020.

Even the CP noted that PBO head Yves Giroux “warned that $340 million could become an annual cost if Canada doesn’t seen any decrease in the number of irregular asylum seekers.”

And of course, that’s just the cost to federal programs like health insurance. It doesn’t even include all the costs to municipalities and provinces.

Every dollar of that $1 billion is a dollar that isn’t being spent on Canadian citizens. It’s money taken away from our infrastructure, from our healthcare, from our schools, from our military, and it pushes Canada further into debt and will be used by Liberal politicians to ‘justify’ tax increases.

It’s a fundamental reality: Open borders hurt Canadian citizens, and it’s vulnerable Canadians who will pay the biggest price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Whether it is Federal or Provincial or cities paying, the cost has to be over a billion already, just for a roof over their heads and food to feed them for a year alone, then vouchers for taxis, hotels for some, hostels for others, health care, dental, special English or French classes, then schools and universities or other free training, etc. never mind all the extra high paid government workers doing all this paperwork for them and court costs, one man alone in Toronto cost over 2 million in court costs plus the cost of his jail time, and he… Read more »

shawn harris

Canadians continue to suffer from the effects of Trudeau’s deliberate and treasonous decision making. While Trudeau pursues his globalist inspired agenda of destroying our security and borders, he is wilfully undermining our sovereignty and creating uncertainty and division amongst all Canadians. Those refugees, who came to Canada under the recognised and legal system of immigration who worked hard and sacrificed, sometimes years, just to get here,have been openly mocked by Trudeau for their efforts. And it sends a perverse message that it is perfectly fine for you, the refugee or immigrant , that you don’t have to follow the rules… Read more »

Don Mustill

That’s a conservative estimate (not “Conservative”) – if you include Provincial and Municipal expenditures it would be pushing two billion. What goes unreported is whether the entire approach to refugee integration is anywhere NEAR adequate. It used to be that a refugee was simply here temporarily until the situation in their own country was resolved and they could return home. Nowadays, many of these foreign entanglements last much longer – meaning refugees are staying longer. Does it continue to make sense that the only plan is for the Federal government to fund refugees for 12 months and then dump the… Read more »

Moe. S.

Here are the numbers from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) report, who is a non-partisan ‘watchdog.’ $340.2 million for 2017-2018; $367.8 million for 2018-2019; $395.9 million for 2019-2020 These are the cost numbers to process 3 years worth of illegal asylum claimants beginning 2017 to 2020. Cost per migrant $16,666 dollars /yr. For a failed claimant who uses the appeals process the cost $33,738 per year. These numbers do not include what individual Provinces & Municipalities pay for social services/welfare benefits. Toronto’s estimated costs $43 million/yr. Illegal migrants countries of origin are Nigeria; Haiti; Turkey; Columbia; and Eritrea Africa. 85%… Read more »

Moe. S.

CORRECTION: 10 percent of the illegal migrants are teens & children.

Gerri Page

They are still illegals and the whole damn lot of them should be sent back but the slime ball PM welcomes them.


That cost will also end up effecting the illegals and even legal immigrants. Canvassers came to my door last week asking for donations for Palestinian “refugees” . The got angry when I told them there is no such thing. Any Palestinian “refugees had to be born between 1957 to 1948 and they have all passed on. “Refugee” status is not hereditary. I also told them to leave as they were trespassing. My neighbor told them to FO.

Fred Van Vliet

Soveriegnty is at risk. Deliberately so. That’s beyond money.


More votes for jihadi Justin. Besides, this man/child PM intends of refurnishing Canada with illegals while banishing colonialists from this soil as he has shown such hate for us Canadians by feeding and funding and praising ISIS, TERRORISTS AND ANYONE WHOSE INTENTION IS TO OVERTAKE CANADA.

There is more going on behind the liberals iron radical party’ that has to be exposed fully, but most of us have a general idea what it is.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah and that’s just at the federal level. On-going costs come from the provincial, regional and municipal level as I have heard on 640 AM radio in Toronto.

What is this BS costing us for illegal migrants ?

Mike Allan

If by chance trudope wins in 2019 a billion will be on the light side of the spending spree.Globalist like this evil libtard will only be the beginning. I sincerely believe the taxes will be sky high with little or no industry to cover the majority of government debt.Open borders will be the nail in the coffin to every honest hard working family in the country.Pot taxes are not going to cover debt with no jobs to be had. I can’t remember any dictator like trudope being successful at this foolish know thinking of the consequences this will create nor… Read more »