PRIORITIES: With Economy Slowing And Energy Industry In Crisis, Trudeau Is Focused On… “Toxic Masculinity”

What a joke.

Canada is facing serious problems.

The oil industry is in crisis.

Economic growth is slowing.

Investment is declining.

GM is leaving Oshawa.

But what is Justin Trudeau talking about?

“Toxic masculinity.”

“Trudeau says there needs to be conversations about toxic masculinity, and that men can’t show emotion, have to be the leader of the home, and how a threat to any of that makes him weak. Says it’s time to change that, starts with hoe people raise children.”

Gary Lamphier summed up the insanity of Trudeau’s focus:

“Yet today, Sohi is in Edmonton talking about …… SOLAR PANELS, and Trudeau is in Buenos Aires talking about um, TOXIC MASCULINITY. Meanwhile, Cdn GDP actually SHRANK in September. Canada. You’d better wake the hell up, and FAST. Or we are done.”

This is an absolutely unbelievable level of virtue-signalling from Trudeau, and it’s interesting how he’s able to get away with lumping an entire gender under one supposed stereotype:

“Toxic masculinity??

What beef does Trudeau have with men, singling us out as a group in his daily rants of nothingness?

Today it’s toxic masculinity, yesterday it was inferior entrepreneurs.. can someone advise him to stop talking stupid.”

Canada is facing a real crisis, yet Trudeau is lecturing an entire gender on how they are supposed to act?

How could anybody take him seriously?

And yet, there is something serious about all of this:

A national ‘leader’ so focused on pandering and virtue-signalling is the same leader that will throw Canada’s interests under the bus, which is exactly what Trudeau has done.

It’s beyond obvious that Justin Trudeau is so obsessed with saying the politically-correct thing, and with getting good press with the elitist foreign media that he’s completely abandoned any sense of doing what is best for the country he was elected to lead.

When it comes to Canada’s future, Trudeau is clearly the one who is ‘toxic.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gonzo the Magnificent

Sorry Spencer, this guy is a total goof ball – there is no way to stop him.

If only the general public knew about how goofy he is!


Trudeau can’t even hide how mentally unstable he has become.

Ken (Kulak)

I believe you meant “throw Canada’s interests under the bus…”.

It seems we have a PM who is increasingly disconnected from any sort of reality and might need to be under a doctor’s supervision.


trudeau is too stupid to realize all the stupidity of what he says

Moe. S.

Example of toxic masculinity, how about male ISIS terrorists allowed to return to Canada by this moron. Most sane people know ISIS terrorists are pretty darn toxic. Mother Maggie Trudeau definitely dropped her trust fund baby on his head.


The truth is that Men make the best leaders. Interesting that the Bible says a a Man is to be the head of the family/home. This is not only a discriminatory remark toward Men but, also an attack on Christianity!


Masculinity is only TOXIC to feminist and whiny liberals and the rest of us normal people are just fine. Trudumb how about the danger of toxic feminism that is what is destroying men.


Is he afraid of real men? Is that one of the reasons he feels comfortable in his pink shirt, hugging trans in a pride parade? Does he submit to and pander to Islam and Muslims because he is afraid of it and them?

He is clearly in need of serious counseling and treatment as he lives in his own little mental world. In my younger days we would say this guy is nuts.

sandra c

Toxic Masculinity? Justin Trudeau is the epitome of toxic. What is wrong with this man? He just keeps flushing Canada down the toilet and stands up there with a smile on his face, virtue signalling on stupid things and he’s getting worse everyday. Has Trudeau lost his mind? Talk about deflecting on all the damage “he” has done. I wonder what gender Trudeau identifies with? It’s obviously not “male” because he thinks men are toxic.

Chaz Martel

How can you talk of masculinity when it is a condition that has always eluded you, Herr Groper?

Eric Blair

Didn’t Trudeau just insult half of the population of Canada with his remark on toxic masculinity? How about the toxic masculinity found in Islam. Oh yeah… he won’t go there that is for sure.

Wendy Lush

The only thing toxic here is Trudeau himself. I am seriously wondering if he’s got early onset dementia.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin proves he has NO EMPATHY or COMPASSION for the people of Canada by his abandoning of any responsibility toward his DUTY. Now he points at men as though we are incapable of empathy and compassion. Can he spell HYPOCRITE? One thing I do know, I am incapable of being as SOFT AND SQUISHY as Justin is. I have a spine (unlike Justin) and I would stand up for the people of Canada (unlike Justin).

Trudy Craig

okay we have e really good way to get rid of him – he has lost his mind if he ever had one, so he has no reason to be a PM of anything

Trudy Craig

so we have a really good reason to get rid of him – his mind has gone – too many drugs and drinks – which he said he doesnt do – ha ha ha