VIDEO: Trudeau Warns Of “Male Construction Workers” In “Rural Areas,” Says “Women Entrepreneurs Make Better Choices”

Reverse the gender in those two statements, and his political career would have just ended.

In Argentina, Justin Trudeau once again added to his list of incredibly dumb statements.

Trudeau warned about the “social impacts” of “male construction workers” in rural areas.

He talked about a “gender lens” and blah blah blah.

Then, he said that “women entrepreneurs make better choices.”


Imagine if you reversed those two statements.

Imagine if Trudeau had warned about “female construction workers,” and then said “male entrepreneurs make better choices.”

His political career would already be over.

When this is what a ‘feminist’ leader says, no wonder so many people reject the feminist label.

You can watch Trudeau’s absurd comments below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Is this an intelligent man or what…he is scary and knows nothing of the real world.

sandra c

I’m sorry, but Trudeau just rambles and makes no sense sometimes. If women really wanted to be in the fields that he says they “should” be in, then they would aspire to be in those fields, take courses and they would fight for that right. In fact, there are many women in science, architect, engineering, plumbing, construction, roads, truck driving, etc. But not “all” women want these careers. He’s pushing an agenda that isn’t wanted by “all” women. And yes, women “can and do” make good choices as entrepreneurs, but not “all” women, just the same as men can make… Read more »


Sounds as though he is speaking off the cuff – completely unprepared, unprofessional, ignorant, disrespectful of his audience. Canadians will surely not re-elect him – clearly he is just not ready (nor ever will be). PET must be looking down and wondering how his sperm went so awry.


Has Trudoper ever said anything intelligent or worthwhile? He is very insulting.


He is an insult to and offends real women. My partner thinks he is disgusting and incredibly stupid. She also agrees he exhibits some symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


Stunning , this has to be the biggest moron I have ever seen . You cant make this up .
Who is teaching him this dribble or does he just make it up as he goes !
Did our liberal arts schools teach him this or his parents ?
I think Canada needs answers to these questions to see that this never happens again to another sole.
Imagine this in impoverished , corrupt and crime ridden South America.
Think they have better things to concern them selves with .


The need for food comes quickly to mind.

D. Met

It is absolutely mind boggling how asinine this fool’s comments are. Does anyone sincerely buy into this claptrap? How Canada could make such a patently absurd choice as Justin Trudeau for prime minister is both cringeworthy and concerning.

Alexander S. Romanchuk

A drama teacher telling ME that women make better construction workers in rural areas? He hasn’t a GD clue about this matters. He has never worked a GD day in his spoiled life! He is totally a nut case!


His idea of a construction worker and real men are the Village People.

Jill Ward

lol, What a A**HOLE!

Ana Gomes

Are those male construction workers, that Trudo wants to call attention to, Gropers or non Gropers? Do they grope National reporters or just the other women of less repercussions? Old and white , god forbid, or new rainbow Canadians ? All these is very important for the kind of Prime Mistake we are enduring ,nowadays. When is our tolerance going to be overcharged?


He would prefer all men unemployed, welfare cases easier to control that way , kinda like in USA but the liberals down there jail all black men and keep the women on welfare under their control

alan skelhorne

my my, really justin trudeau, you are a very spoiled child-man. you clapped like a 10 year old little boy after signing the new deal.then you have the audacity to embarrass the president of the united states, donald you must remoe the tariffs. oh my goodness, what a pos, no other words.


Unfortunately, Alan, many foreign countries think all Canadians are like him. |We don’t all exhibit symptoms of Fetal Alcohol.

shawn harris

To listen to Trudeau say that we must be worried male construction workers in rural areas,is incredible coming from a man that has never worked hard or worked up a sweat in his entire life. He just declared all male construction workers and male workers as a threat to women and people in general.And here he goes running off at the mouth about business women making better decisions than men. Well maybe he should take a good hard look at himself then , because he just admitted that he is failure because he is a man;well the jury is still… Read more »


The CEO of GM is female. Is he saying she is making good decisions by closing the GM plant in Oshawa?


Most definitely, Francis. We can only assume, based on the garbage they have been spewing for three years, that he and climate barbie are ecstatic about the plant closing. Less manufacturing means less employment means less pollution. More people can just sit at home collecting pogey.



The Hood ornament that adorns the Liberal party, Jutsine Trudeau is not a leader … He’s a ponce !!
A deluded Rich-Kid with grande Idea’s !!


how can this idiot nothing be for real ???

Ken (Kulak)

What is to say other than to say, absurd and pathetic. That is a prime minister ? Not even a normal high school teacher would be dumb enough to make a comment like that.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Now we know without a doubt that Trudeau’s real calling is “social justice activist”.

Ed Peeebles

He is an ongoing embarrassment at Best, Old Motormouth. He could be sick though and be a compulsive ?


Compulsive liar?

Sewer Rat

Okay. Calling all male rural construction workers… Just stop working in rural areas all together. Let’s see how long that area lasts. It’s long past time that men started fighting back against the constant assault being levied against them.


What does his comment about male construction workers even mean? Are male construction workers going to be a danger to the female population or something? And where are these studies that show that women are better entrepreneurs?

don morris

Trudeau is blathering here, has no idea what he’s talking about. His appeal to women must be slipping as they figure out how bloody stupid he is,so he’s going after the feminist crowd, the 19% of women who identify as “definitely feminist”, and the 21% of males who apparently also identify as definitely feminist! Having worked in construction for many years, I can state with much experience that male construction workers in rural areas almost always have a very positive effect on the local area, especially the economy as they spend their hard earned money in local venues. Yes,sometimes a… Read more »


don, remember MSM is now controlled by Trudeau and Butts. There is absolutely nothing that is remotely positive about Trudeau and his liberals that we can now believe. Divisive.

Moe. S.

He’s more of a ‘feminist’ than most feminist. The few I do know refer to him as the “flaky wannabe feminist.”

Ivan Hawkes

Justin is simply trying to increase the vote numbers from women. It’s a good TRICK if it works. However, I believe the women of Canada are far smarter and of higher intelligence than the liberals give them credit for. The liberals think their destructive moves against Canadians will be of less priority to women than some gender type trickery. If women fall for this manipulation they are bringing on their own downfall, NOT upholding their strength. To uphold women’s strength women need to stand up for a strong Canada, which Justin is purposefully destroying. Don’t be conned by this blatant… Read more »


There are “social impacts” of allowing Trudope to interact with young, vulnerable, female reporters at festivals.