BREAKING: Alberta Government Announces Mandatory 8.7% Oil Production Cut

Combination of regulations and ministerial orders will be used to impose production cut, which is a response to the oil price gap that’s being made worse by Justin Trudeau’s destructive anti-oil agenda.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has announced a “short term,” mandatory oil production cut, that will “gradually decrease.”

The oil production cut is supported by the governing NDP, the United Conservative Party, and some of the smaller parties.

The mandated production cut will start at 335,000 barrels a day (8.7%), and will be consistently evaluated. Notley also says measures to help smaller producers will be included.

The mandated cut will begin in January, 2019.

Notley’s remarks can be watched below:

Alberta has been put in a horrible situation by Justin Trudeau, who is strangling the energy industry while watching it slowly collapse.

It’s a betrayal of an entire Canadian province by the federal government, and it’s one of the biggest failures of leadership that our nation has ever seen.

As a result, Alberta has been forced to take desperate measures.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

TRUDEAU IS A TRAITOR TO CANADA wake up people before he destroys our country.

Timothy Hickey

The Alberta Government is equally as responsible for is equally responsible the crisis in oil production in the Province!




Just watched a Pastor from the US make this comment, “Wow, Have you seen what’s happening in Canada? They are Anti-Israel or I mean not all Canadians but, Justin Trudeau is a Globalist and Wow”. Justin Trudeau
is a Globalist, Economic Marxist, Anti-Semite, Anti-American, Anti-Canadian Traitor and the World must wonder what is the matter with Canadians for putting this dangerous Moron Globalist brainwashed puppet in the role of Leader of Canada!

Glen Aldridge

I think Alberta should just start production & refining, start your own Canadian based fueling stations without the federal tax. Let the Federal Government jump up & down & write letters. What are they going to do? Put sanctions in place? Oh wait, they already have. Go for it & force their hand. ALL of Canada would stand right there against the Federal Policies, Carbon tax & Trudeau! Open stations from coast to coast & let them call out the army!


A post national country has no need for a Prime Minister. I guess he didn’t think that one through either.


Albertans and all Canadians should remember when Notley and Justin Trudeau were like best friends in the media. She trusted this Traitor Trudeau and these two Traitors have Destroyed the oil industry. Now she is trying to look like she is trying hard to save this industry since election time is just a few months away. Sorry, Notley, both you and Trudeau are the same. Two Treasonous, Deceptive, Good for Nothing Traitors!


Notely is pretending that she cares for Alberta to save her career but jihadi Justin knows that she will do anything for him as she prove it every he came calling just to make sure she is on board with him. He knows that Notely is against the oilsands so it makes no difference to him what her intentions are now since she did nothing or said anything to him when he bought the pipeline to ‘stop’ the flow of Alberta’s oil to market. If Notely had said something to him for Alberta that ‘ no revenues will be sent… Read more »

Eric Blair

I agree with the oil production cuts. Start with cutting oil to BC by the full amount of the cuts first. Any province east of Alberta that get Alberta’s oil are all have Conservative provincial governments so don’t harm them and their economy. Next cut oil sent to the US.

Dan M

Government shouldn’t be manipulating the markets.


Instead of cutting productions and buying rail cars CANCEL EQUQLIZATION PAYMENTS TO FED LIBERAL REGIME. Alberta needs that oil revenues to safeguard jobs, healthcare and so on in Alberta first. Let jihadi Justin find money elsewhere.


Does the dancing Castro clown realize he isn’t getting any income from Canada giving away it’s oil? He has serious mental issues.