BREAKING: Alberta Government Announces Mandatory 8.7% Oil Production Cut

Combination of regulations and ministerial orders will be used to impose production cut, which is a response to the oil price gap that’s being made worse by Justin Trudeau’s destructive anti-oil agenda.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has announced a “short term,” mandatory oil production cut, that will “gradually decrease.”

The oil production cut is supported by the governing NDP, the United Conservative Party, and some of the smaller parties.

The mandated production cut will start at 335,000 barrels a day (8.7%), and will be consistently evaluated. Notley also says measures to help smaller producers will be included.

The mandated cut will begin in January, 2019.

Notley’s remarks can be watched below:

Alberta has been put in a horrible situation by Justin Trudeau, who is strangling the energy industry while watching it slowly collapse.

It’s a betrayal of an entire Canadian province by the federal government, and it’s one of the biggest failures of leadership that our nation has ever seen.

As a result, Alberta has been forced to take desperate measures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook