INSANE: Trudeau Gives Away $50 MILLION In Canadian Taxpayer Dollars To Make Celebrity Think He’s Cool

Trudeau asks Comedy Central host Trevor Noah “that works for you?” But he never asked Canadians.

Justin Trudeau has just promised to give away $50 MILLION more in Canadian taxpayer dollars.

This time, he did it to look cool in front of a celebrity.

Here’s what Trudeau tweeted:

“Hey – thanks for everything you’re doing to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy at the festival. Sorry I can’t be with you – but how about Canada pledges $50M to to support education for women & girls around the world? Work for you? Let’s do it.”

None of that $50 million will go to Canadians.

It’s going to foreign countries.

It’s being taken from us, taken from Canadian taxpayers, and sent outside our borders.

Trudeau’s elitist virtue-signalling reaches even more insane levels

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Every time it seems Trudeau can’t get any crazier, he takes things to a new level of insanity.

Take note of how desperate Trudeau is to win the approval of a Comedy Central TV host. He apologizes to Noah, and as ‘compensation,’ is taking $50 million of our dollars and giving it away.

That money could have been spent on Veterans. It could have been spent helping the Alberta oil industry. It could have been spent helping people in Oshawa. It could have been spent on any number of things within our country that would help Canadian citizens.


Instead it’s being used so Trudeau can make a celebrity think he’s cool.

And nothing sums up his attitude more than the fact that he asked Noah if “that works for you?” Yet he never asked the Canadian People if that works for us.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


Trudeau is planning to bailout the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars. He wants to buy them off. But unlike the establishment media, I don’t take taxpayer money. When people contribute to me, they do it voluntarily. If you can, I ask you to support my Independent writing with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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You are right, Spencer….What next crazy thing is this idiot going to do with OUR money? Please let’s get rid of this buffoon ASAP….Still way to many months to go before the federal election….Lord help us now.

Ron Voss

“No taxation without representation” sparked the American Revolution. Trudeau holds Canada’s cheque book, financed y our tax dollars, and doles out money at will without the consent of Parliament. Enough already with this little dictator!!!


The Canadian thing to do is help people in need

Dale Evjen

They’re not in need as much as the peoples Spencer listed !!!


So if that is the ‘Canadian’ thing to do, WHY is it not being spent here to help people in need IN canaduh?


Much much more money *is* being spent here. A tiny percent is being also spent outside our borders because we live in a global community.

George Dodd

ya but do it in your own back yard first!

Ron Jaremkow

Help yourself before you help others!

Dan M

yes….with your own money.
Stealing from others to give, is not charity.

Patrick M. Walsh


Doug Maenpaa

Yeah, just like the $10M Trudeau gave to Omar Khadr, convicted terrorist and murderer.

What do you think about that ?

Alexander S. Romanchuk

Why are you surprised, Fernando? He has another year in power to give away even more to foreigners and he’ll do it. I will bet you $100 on that!

Wendy Lush

Justin Trudeau, you’re FIRED.


Yes Yes Yes Spencer, you are SO right, & No No No I can’t stand to hear another abominable, disgusting, putting-Canadians-last handout (always involving MILLIONS of our tax $$$) coming from our self-serving juvenile PM when our Veterans, our oil producers, our auto makers, & more are shoved to the end of the line. Under Trudeau there will never be anything different – he’s got to give Canadian $$ away to get his pat on the back from all others sharing his pathetic globalist views. Don’t get me wrong! I am aware of many countries that cannot send their”women &… Read more »

Stephen Brodie

Who gave Trudeau the right to give away our money???


The eastern idiot electorate who put him gave him the ‘right’ for him to spend the country into the hole. They are the ones responsible for this & many of the idiots still think he is doing a good job & with him buying the media that most likely won’t change anytime soon.

Juan Galt

Liberal voters, that’s who.


The fools that voted him in.

Mike Allan

No one,that’s what socialist dictator’s do.People that voted for trudope should exit the country immediately.

Pete Korky

I better not express my thoughts, I will say when he kick him out I would love for him to be charged, for treason. He is responsilble for alotting to the world billions of dollars with out anything going through parliament, for the taking of our freedoms, for the irresponsible actions he has shown again throught the world, NONE of it in his mandate. He is a liar and abuser of the Canadian people.


Spencer, can you please direct us as to how get rid of this Idiot ASAP! There has got to be a way.!I know that the Majority of Canadians want him gone, like yesterday!

S Willis

Trudeau is mentally ill. No joke!

He has delusions of being a multi-billionaire philanthropist, doling out cash whenever it strikes his fancy to feed his ego and make himself look important around the world.

Doug Maenpaa

Well said.

Ken (Kulak)

It seems to becoming more apparent with each passing month that he needs to be assessed for mental competence.

Doug Maenpaa

No need for that. All libtards are brain damaged.

This latest $50M tweet, is proof that Trudeau is hopelessly out of touch.

He’ll be gone soon, and many newbie MPs will be out, and wont get a govt pension.
That is a form of poetic justice.

Sewer Rat

Just an ugly thought, but, just think, PM super socks will have his portrait in the Hall of Portraits… Forever… Along with my great, great, great uncle Founding Fathers portrait.

Dale Evjen

Trudeau is a menace!! Somebody should author a cartoon about a utterly juvenile brat and call it ‘Justin the Menace’!

Major Tom

Nelson Mandela! Hmmm……Isn’t he that convicted terrorist who was sentenced to life in prison for being in possession of enough explosives to blow up an extensive portion of Johannesburg..?? And the judge showed mercy by not pronouncing the death penalty but 20 years instead?? Isn’t that the same Nelson Mandela whose personal adviser was former KGB Colonel Joe Slovo?? Of course it is! Another one of Justin’s buddies!

tommy hawk

One might say ‘predictable’ — eh?


Saw that on Twitter. Loved Thomas McCahill’s response:
“@JustinTrudeau – How about you put your name on that check made out to your personal bank account? Work for you?”

george stewart

The next Government will reverse all of the stupid deals they have made.

This guy is such a looser.


2019 cant come soon enough to rid ourselves of this AH.

J Brown

It’s called foreign aid and it’s done by every governing party in Canada.


DID he give it away or is just for show?

Brian Dougan

The Globalists are organ grinders. Trudope is one of their monkeys. Next; he’ll be begging for a spot on Saturday Night Live. Maybe take a pie in the face.


Since when does the so called PM have the mandate to “donate” any amount to any country or charity.

Disgusting! Donate to females for education in supressed countries, yet vote against females at the UN to have equal rights in Cuba.

Unfortunately Mr. And Mrs. Canada will never know.

Tommy Hawk

As usual, right on target, Spencer. The man(?) is a mental case and likely beyond help. Y0ur comments are accurate and informative. I have been away for five months and am just getting back on track and am beyond my limit with your posts but will try to work my way through them as we go. All the best for the season, sir.

S Willis

This is what I tweeted to Trevor Noah:

Replying to @JustinTrudeau @Trevornoah and 2 others

Hey @Trevornoah DO THE MORAL THING & REJECT THE $$. It is NOT Trudeau’s $ 2 give! It is TAX$. Cdn’s 2018 projected deficit is $18.1B. W/ 300k homeless,1000’s of needy veterans, a flat-lined oil sector&an auto sector in dire straits, Trudeau is stealing fr needy Cdns 2 impress u!


Thanks Willis, if Trevor has any decentsy and a soul he will renege this offer. Remember Trevor this is Canadian Citizens money, not idiot Trudeau’s.