Conservatives Crush Liberals In By-Election

Margin of victory for Conservative candidate surges in Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes.

The Conservatives have won big in the by-election taking place in the riding of Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes.

The riding was held by the Conservatives, and the by-election was necessary due to the tragic death of Conservative MP Gord Brown.

In good news for the Conservatives, their margin of victory is up significantly from the 2015 election.

In 2015, the Conservatives won 47% of the vote, while the Liberal candidate Mary Jean McFall had 41%.

But this time, the Liberals were crushed.

McFall ran again, and the Conservative candidate was Michael Barrett.

With most of the results now in, the election has been called for Barrett, who won about 58%. Meanwhile, the Liberals fell to around 35%.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer tweeted about the win:

“On behalf of the entire Conservative caucus, I would like to congratulate on his victory in Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes. Residents can count on him to defend the region’s interests and to be a strong advocate in Ottawa”

The Conservative vote is up 11 points, while the Liberal vote is down about 6 points, a net 17 point increase in the gap between the Conservatives and Liberals.

By-election results are notoriously bad at predicting what will happen in an upcoming general election. That said, the fact that the governing Liberals fell far behind the Conservatives in what was once a close riding is something the Opposition will seek to capitalize on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ken (Kulak)

Great news! Is it a trend? The media will downplay it and shill for PM Butts.

ken miller

Sheer nonsense

Dave French

KEN; yes it is a POSITIVE TREND in Canada.
CONSERVATIVES are the winners & SCHEER will be the PM in 2019.
Canadians know that LIBERAL TRUDEAU will be VOTED OUT in 2019.
Like in ONTARIO…all LIBERALS will be voted into OBLIVION & OBSCURITY permanently in 2019.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I wish I could believe this but my money is still on Trudeau for many reasons. The main one being Canadians are ignorant about what is going on.

D. Met

It’s astonishing, despite Trudeau’s MANY failures and ethics problems, that there is still 35% support! The Liberals are literally destroying the fabric of Canada – what does it take for these people to wake up?


Hard to believe that 35% of this riding is still voting Liberal? I thought that Canadians could be Crazy – but not Stupid. I guess you just can’t fix Stupid. Wake up people – When 35% of you voted Liberal, you were voting for Lying, Treasonous, Traitor Trudeau! Thank God, the majority are smart. Unbelievable!


So where was mad max & his new party? If he is so gung ho about the election & how he should win you’d think he would have had a person in this one. Maybe he couldn’t find anyone dumb enough to be the guinea pig or maybe mad max just didn’t want anyone to run that wold show how bad his idea is.

Glen Aldridge

Since The PPC does not have all their candidates in ridings throughout Canada yet it’s quite possible they didn’t have a candidate running in this riding. It obviously doesn’t take too much intelligence to run in these Ontario ridings, I mean look how many STILL voted Liberal? Has the cold weather got to their brains? Still anything away from the Crazy Liberals is a win in my books.


Great news and in October 2019 we will see a complete Liberal flush…


but your forgetting if the liberals cheat which they will we all know it , and will the PC’s still lead I hope so very much

Eric Blair

I saw on a tweet from someone at the Rebel that the CBC showed a picture of Trudeau whilst the headline said that the conservatives had won the by election. Just earning their slush fund money from the liberals.

Steve Richards

Spencer, Did Bernier run a candidate in this bi-election? What were the results for all who ran? I really am liking a lot of what Bernier is saying but two major problems. Number one, we cannot afford to split the vote and possibly let Trudy get back in. I was hoping that NDP guy hadn’t turned out to be such a dope and he would help steal some of Trudeau’s votes but looks like he will spiral into never never land. Number two, I just can’t vote for another Quebecor for Prime Minister. What is it, 8 out of the… Read more »


A valuable ‘Hold’ for Conservatives. When will we see more Canadians from the Liberal party cross the floor to sit as independents? The bobbleheads from Liberal backbenches need to regain their dignity.