European Politician Warns UN Global Compact On Migration Could Criminalize Criticism Of Migration

As the elites crack down on free speech around the world, warnings about the UN global pact must be heeded before it’s too late.

In recent remarks at the European Parliament, a group of European politicians warned that the UN Global Compact on Migration could end up criminalizing criticism of migration.

Marcel de Graaff said the compact calls for speech critical of migration to be classified as ‘hate speech’ and thus banned.

He noted that the UN says the Global Compact is meant to serve as a template for legislation in countries that sign it, meaning the Pact pushes countries to ban criticism of migration.

You can imagine how Justin Trudeau would use that power, as he is already seeking to basically nationalize and control the entire establishment media through a bailout, has called opponents of his ‘ISIS reintegration’ plan ‘hateful’ and ‘Islamophobic,’ and seeks to use government power to silence his critics.

This is a big part of why the compact must be rejected, and why – if Trudeau sells us out and signs it as he’s said he will – the next government must immediately pull Canada out of the pact.

It is a threat to our democracy, a threat to our immigration system, and now – an increasing threat to our freedom as Canadians.

Here’s the warning about the compact:

Spencer Fernando

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Forced migration, which began in 2015, was part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Since we know that the U.N. and George Soros have an end game (Globalization – NWO) we can see clearly that the forced migration was not done for humane reasons. This was done as a process of destabilizing nations.

Ron Shaw

Unbelievable stupidity , total insanity , total globalization , totally Todumb , totally Trudope.

D McKibbon

We need to end the absurd concept of criminal “hate speech”. There is just speech, and speech that others in a position of power do not like.
Really it is just a insidious way of removing free speech and quelling political decent.
I reject the insane notion of “hate speech”.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Do you think the “average Joe” in Canada knows any thing about this or any thing else political? He\she is too busy watching “America’s Got Talent.” So with that said, Trudeau WILL be reelected in 2019!