READ: Rempel Owns Guy Who Tried Comparing Her To Elitist Trudeau

Unlike Trudeau, Rempel – and most Canadians – actually know what it’s like to have to work.

On Twitter, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel was criticizing Justin Trudeau for his disgusting comments demonizing male construction workers:

“I doubt if he has ever worked a day of labour in his life, which makes it even more important for him to humble himself to those who do. His assumptions about how the work culture of how my province works are dangerously bourgeois.”

Then, somebody named Trevor tried to deflect from criticism of Trudeau by comparing Rempel to Trudeau’s lack of labour work:

“You swing a lot of hammers working at the UofC before being elected?”

Rempel seemed quite prepared for that question. Here’s how she answered it:

“So glad you asked. I was waiting for someone to ask me.”

“I mopped, cleaned toilets, cleaned grease and garbage at an ice cream store for three years between age 15-18.”

“Then, while I was working full time, putting myself through university full time, I acted as a resident manager at my apartment to get lower rent; which meant I shovelled snow, cleaned up barf out of laundry machines, cleaned the whole building, cleaned out dumpsters,”

“Cleaned out the hot tub, and fixed stuff as best I could.”

“I also schlepped gear around doing piano gigs in jazz bars in Winnipeg.”

“Since I didn’t have a car, I took the bus for about 90 mins every day from south to north Winnipeg when I worked at the Health Sciences Centre.”

“My stepdad and brother in laws are electricians.”

“My dad started off his career as a line patrol man for Manitoba Hydro.”

“My mom’s family and my grandmother farmed in southern Manitoba.”

“I could go on, but every one of these experiences enriched me and made me capable of serving my community today. I wouldn’t be so arrogant to generalize the labourers in my community the way Trudeau did. I’m proud to stand with them. And ya bruh, I’m not so bad with a hammer.”

Quite a massive contrast from Trudeau’s privileged elitist upbringing.

Spencer Fernando


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