Surrender: Trudeau’s New NAFTA Deal Gives United States Oversight Over Canada’s Dairy Sector

The Trudeau government had promised the provision giving the United States influence over Canada’s dairy sector wouldn’t be in the final agreement. Turns out, it was.

The Trudeau government is being slammed for lying to Canada’s dairy sector, after a provision they promised wouldn’t be in the final NAFTA replacement deal ended up being in the final agreement.

According to both the Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Dairy Processors of Canada, ‘“Prime Minister Trudeau failed the Canadian dairy sector again.” He “signed a deal today granting the U.S. oversight in the administration of our dairy system.” In a joint statement DFC leaders from across the country said provisions in the final text of the agreement grant “the U.S. oversight into the administration of our Canadian dairy system, which undermines Canadian sovereignty and ability to manage Canadian dairy without US intervention.”

Additionally, “At a meeting with your key officials following the announcement of the agreement and publication of the U.S. text, DFC was told that the issue of US oversight had not been agreed to by Canada – and would not be part of the final agreement.”

But of course, it was in the final agreement.

It’s yet another concession by the Trudeau government to the Trump Administration.

For all of Trudeau’s pretend ‘tough talk,’ he has rolled over again and again and again.

The USMCA featured no real concessions from the US or even Mexico to Canada, while including tons of one-way concessions from Canada to the US.

Trudeau didn’t get a good deal. He tried to spin his weakness as a ‘good deal’ out of political desperation, and the more Canadians learn what’s really in it, the more we can see how badly the Trudeau government failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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