Surrender: Trudeau’s New NAFTA Deal Gives United States Oversight Over Canada’s Dairy Sector

The Trudeau government had promised the provision giving the United States influence over Canada’s dairy sector wouldn’t be in the final agreement. Turns out, it was.

The Trudeau government is being slammed for lying to Canada’s dairy sector, after a provision they promised wouldn’t be in the final NAFTA replacement deal ended up being in the final agreement.

According to both the Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Dairy Processors of Canada, ‘“Prime Minister Trudeau failed the Canadian dairy sector again.” He “signed a deal today granting the U.S. oversight in the administration of our dairy system.” In a joint statement DFC leaders from across the country said provisions in the final text of the agreement grant “the U.S. oversight into the administration of our Canadian dairy system, which undermines Canadian sovereignty and ability to manage Canadian dairy without US intervention.”

Additionally, “At a meeting with your key officials following the announcement of the agreement and publication of the U.S. text, DFC was told that the issue of US oversight had not been agreed to by Canada – and would not be part of the final agreement.”

But of course, it was in the final agreement.

It’s yet another concession by the Trudeau government to the Trump Administration.

For all of Trudeau’s pretend ‘tough talk,’ he has rolled over again and again and again.

The USMCA featured no real concessions from the US or even Mexico to Canada, while including tons of one-way concessions from Canada to the US.

Trudeau didn’t get a good deal. He tried to spin his weakness as a ‘good deal’ out of political desperation, and the more Canadians learn what’s really in it, the more we can see how badly the Trudeau government failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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peter black

The question is -will our biased media ever tell Canadians the truth about what Trudeau is doing. Spencer somehow we need to expand your broadcasting scope. How many people are you reaching between your emails which I get and Facebook Tritter, Instagram Linked In etc etc?


This is why a bought and paid for press is so important. Keep feeding the sheep in the dark – they won’t know what they’re eating.

Don Taylor

Turdeau is the ultimate Traitor to Canada and should be charged with treason,he lied again and again, he should apologize to the Canadian people for being so ignorant

rik stanutz

he so stupid and spineless loves to sell us out

Ron Voss

Noteworthy of the three leaders signing, Trudeau is the only one looking; never one to miss a photo op.

don morris

In my humble opinion, if the dairy cartel speaks against Trudeau, he must be doing something good for consumers, unlike the multimillionaires of the Cartel who soak us peasants SO much for dairy products. We Canadians pay outrageously high prices for dairy and poultry products to protect a tiny Quebec/Ontario monopoly that has bought and paid for politicians on both sides of the House. I suppose that is a result of our so-called representatives living in the wealthy political bubble in Ottawa, completely unaware of the consequences to the people they are supposedly working for. What a joke THAT is!… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Canadian dairy farmers are whining that “This is a ‘dark day’ for the Canadian dairy industry.” “Trudope betrayed us.” Cry me a river…boo hoo. Contrast this with the real pain of Albertans in the oil industry. That’s the real tragedy. Not just for them; but for all of us.

Moe. S.

This so-called deal is nothing more than the U.S. Imposed Deal on Canada with tariffs and theft of the Canadian dairy industry! Spineless, lying, shameless Trudeau!


Since the day he was elected that pathological liar has done Nothing But undermine Canadian sovereignty.

Clive Edwards

Sounds like Canadians need to protect our southern border – from Americans. We’d get a better deal from nearly any other country in the world. I’ll continue to buy Canadian dairy products over American as long as the Americans don’t force Canadian producers to use hormones and agricultural chemicals, the usual problem with American dairy.

Ivan Hawkes

I wouldn’t trust the LIEberal so called government to negotiate a good way to tie my shoes. ALL of Justin’s international dealings have been a complete and utter FAILURE. Especially his “costume” show in India, but that is certainly not the worst or only fiasco created by those bumbling irresponsible amateurs.


Not a concession, Trudeau just lied. Or doesn’t know. I predict Trudeau will us Bad Trump and Bad America in his election platform. Might work……….

Major Tom

This makes perfect sense….after all….the Liberals have been milking us for years…….