Trudeau’s Demonizing Of ‘Male Construction Workers’ Shows His Contempt For Canadian Workers

Justin Trudeau was born into privilege and never had to struggle for money. Yet, he somehow feels superior to real Canadians.

While in Argentina, Justin Trudeau did some more disgusting virtue-signalling.

He was talking about ‘gender budgets’ when he started to demonize construction workers.

He implied that having “male construction workers” in a “rural areas” had “social impacts.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough where Trudeau was going with his sexist rhetoric, he later said “women entrepreneurs make better choices.”

And as I pointed out on Twitter, Trudeau is more negative towards male construction workers than he is towards ISIS terrorists:

“So, it’s alright for Trudeau to slander male construction workers as dangerous to women, but if someone opposes bringing ISIS terrorists into the country they are ‘bigots?’ What kind of upside down world are we living in?”

While Trudeau’s demonizing of construction workers shows many things, it shows most of all his contempt for Canadian workers.

When it comes to working people, the people who build our country, thinks somehow thinks he’s superior. Trudeau never had to get a job for the purpose of making money, since he was born into wealth and privilege. He never faced the pressure of paying the bills. He never had to work a physically tough day in his life.

He was born into the elite, and he’s PM because of his last name.

It’s not people like Trudeau who built the country. It’s people like construction workers, who literally build Canada everyday.

People like Trudeau and the other elites sit on top of what was built by Canadian workers, and then constantly take taxes from Canadian workers to enrich themselves and their friends.

Trudeau’s contempt for real Canadians is obvious, and it’s yet another reason he has no right to lead our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Big government ideology enables such rationalization for the intrusion into every single aspect of citizens’ lives. The ideology of limited government would delegate entire areas of concern to non-governmental organizations, ngos, such as churches, and to individual responsibility. But that’s the Trudeau doctrine: nationalize everything, government compensate for everything, and impose approved thought and conduct on everyone while exempting themselves.

Don Taylor

Turdeau is a very poor excuse as man and even worse as a PM


Maybe the big boxer Trudeau should march himself into a rural construction site and make that statement. Nothing but a weasel hiding behind big govt and his bodyguards. Construction workers are the foundation of this country.

Clive Edwards

…and on top of that, Turdo gives those of us who really have worked in theatre and film a bad name. In the real world, he wouldn’t be able to get and keep a job as a movie extra.

Jeffrey Savage

I can’t find anymore words that do justice in describing my complete and utter contempt for our disgraceful Prime Minister. Diversity is our strength for hypocrite liars should be his personal motto and his personal truth. That is what your fake diversity is really all about. Go take yourself and your fake diversity motto somewhere where the sun does not shine and please do it very soon.

Hollie Cook

I’m a female Electrician, and I work alongside these guys ever day. They are my staunchest supporters in breaking the gender barrier in the trades. They are family men, they are hardworking, and at the end of the day are there to do their jobs. There is nothing negative about any of those things.