VIDEO: Conservative MP Slams Trudeau For Attacking Construction Workers

Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder says Trudeau is the real threat to rural Canada, not male construction workers.

In the House of Commons, Conservative MP Rachael Harder slammed Justin Trudeau for his despicable attack on Canada’s male construction workers.

Harder pointed out that male construction workers help build rural communities, fixing roads, building schools, contribute to the economy, and have a positive impact.

By contrast, Harder noted that it’s actually Justin Trudeau who is having a negative impact on rural communities in Canada:

“If the Prime Minister wants to talk about men who have a negative impact on rural communities, he should look no further than the person in the mirror.”

You can watch Harder’s full remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

people would be much better of without the fool Justin Trudeau as PM,he should go back to being a drama teacher

Gerry Herbert Oliphant

I’m more worried about returning ISIS fighters returning to my country, I think the PM is a tad confused as to the threat might be

Gerri Page

No he is not confused at all. Trudeau is the threat. His name got him elected and there still is a vacancy sign upstairs that wil forever remain that way.


Well said Rachael Harder & good to hear from you on one of the plethora of ridiculous, feminist-favoured comments this PM-pretender makes.

shawn harris

Trudeau, after having now offended and alienated all male working men, Trudeau continues to fall on his sword of gender equality, equal rights and political correctness, only to prove that MR. Bean would have been a far better choice for PM , than himself. If Trudeau continues to increase the level of his own stupidity and removes all doubt as to his fitness to be PM, by the time the election of October 2019 comes around, he will only be left with his delusional support base of unicorns and pixie dust. Or if all else fails, he can finally smoke… Read more »

Kathryn Henderson

I can’t believe Trudeau would still have stupid things to say. I would have thought he would be all out by now. He must still want to look and sound like a useless, ignorant tool. Both my brothers are construction workers. Are they a threat to women? Only if nice, polite, good looking, hardworking, tax paying men are a threat. You can’t just throw out a statement like that, and then include every single construction worker in your senseless comment is plain ignorance. Get off your butt and do an honest days work and quit trying to suck up to… Read more »

Bruce Colling colling

not only a huge disappointment to Canada also a major embarassment to boot


Do the illegal asylum seekers know what a moron we haveleading our country? Do they know he will eventually enslave them in the frozen
tundra counting GHG emmisions ?

Ken (Kulak)

She said it well.


what else is there to say about this despicable so called leader and RIGHT HONORABLE ????? anything but , he is so unfit , one wonders whether if there is ever a job for him ANYWHERE …get out and get off the stage …