Food Prices In Canada To Surge, And Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Will Make It Even Worse

The Trudeau government seems determined to make Canadians poorer.

According to a report from researchers at Dalhousie University & the University of Guelph, food prices are set to rise $411 for the average Canadian family next year.

Prices for vegetables will rise the most, while prices for meat are expected to fall.

Overall though, the price increases will be a big hit to the family budget, at a time when rising interest rates, inflation, and higher taxes are already taking more and more of our money away.

The price of dining out will also increase by $150.

And of course, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will make things even worse.

The cost of processing, transporting, and maintaining food is all impacted by the carbon tax, and it makes it all more expensive.

There’s simply no way around that reality: Carbon taxes make everything – including food – more expensive.

Clearly, the Trudeau government is determined to make Canadians poorer.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

Any body even thinking of becoming a Liberal really should go have yourself checked out because Liberalism Is a disease of the brain and not in a good way


Yellow Vests coming to Canada? Thought not……..

Major Tom

The French Revolution, when the poor demanded bread… gave birth to a princess saying….”Let them eat cake!”
Canadians are too nice….too apathetic to revolt…..they’d rather eat crow……..


The economy will take care of itself, eh, Trudeau. Truth is like a steel pipe, cold, hard and uncomfortable. And he cannot have any of that. And you won’t either. I remember when staying warm and well fed was a given. I wonder why he cannot extrapolate why he is upset at giving the USA say over our dairy industry while he gives our sovereignty away to the United Nations. I try to see their side and cooked up a mess of virtue. So why am I still shivering and hungry? Ah yes, uncomfortable truth, ignore it at your own… Read more »

Clive Edwards

You make me feel disgusted every day, Spencer – thank you, though. It’s not you, but your subject matter. I wonder how many other Canadians want to spoil their federal ballot by pissing on it?

shawn harris

Has any elite globalist ever really cared about those, whom they see as being inferior or of a lower class than themselves. Trudeau is driven by what pleases himself, not by what is in the best interests of Canadians or Canada. Lets not forget that Trudeau is doing all of these despicable things because he cares about us and that he is doing them for own good. Just like the narcissist he really is, he only sees what he wants and not the consequences of his actions. It is clear and easy to see, that Trudeau is continuing to take… Read more »


Only $411? I was hoping it would be closer to $1500 or 2000, then maybe the idiots in the east would see what their decision in voting for pot, hair & another trudo accomplished. I’d also like to see the gas C02 tax push the cost of gas up to about $10+ a liter. Maybe then, just maybe the stupid people would wake up to the liberal tax & spend ideology they have.