Food Prices In Canada To Surge, And Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Will Make It Even Worse

The Trudeau government seems determined to make Canadians poorer.

According to a report from researchers at Dalhousie University & the University of Guelph, food prices are set to rise $411 for the average Canadian family next year.

Prices for vegetables will rise the most, while prices for meat are expected to fall.

Overall though, the price increases will be a big hit to the family budget, at a time when rising interest rates, inflation, and higher taxes are already taking more and more of our money away.

The price of dining out will also increase by $150.

And of course, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will make things even worse.

The cost of processing, transporting, and maintaining food is all impacted by the carbon tax, and it makes it all more expensive.

There’s simply no way around that reality: Carbon taxes make everything – including food – more expensive.

Clearly, the Trudeau government is determined to make Canadians poorer.

Spencer Fernando


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