Macron Delays Carbon Tax Hikes As His Popularity Collapses In Wake Of Massive Protests

Yellow Vest protests reflected the massive opposition of French Citizens to Macron’s huge carbon tax hike on fuel.

Widely-unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron has delayed planned carbon tax hikes on fuel in the wake of massive protests.

His popularity has also collapsed to a new low, at just 23%. He’s fallen six points in a week, while the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has fallen from 36% to 26% approval.

People in France have turned against Macron, considering him a President who only serves the elites after he cut taxes for the ruling class while imposing a massive hike on fuel taxes through the carbon tax.

Uprisings took place throughout the country, including massive protests in Paris which ended up turning violent.

Now, with Macron’s numbers plummeting he delayed the tax hike for six months.

The delay – which may end up being a permanent end to the tax hike or just a tactic – was announced by the French PM:

“The French who have donned yellow vests want taxes to drop, and work to pay. That’s also what we want. If I didn’t manage to explain it, if the ruling majority didn’t manage to convince the French, then something must change. No tax is worth jeopardizing the unity of the nation.”

Philippe’s remarks can be watched below:

Lessons for Canada

There is much to be learned in Canada from what’s happening in France. Just like in France, we have an elitist, out-of-touch ‘leader’ who is imposing a hated tax on the People. Even though Macron didn’t want to listen, he was forced to listen by the overwhelming strength of the protests and the opposition to him.

Here in Canada, we all need to make our voices heard, in every possible forum, and make it clear that we won’t put up with Trudeau’s carbon tax.

If we are strong enough, Citizens still have power, and we must never forget that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Time to start making yellow vests in Canada, realize we have the same globalist in Canada punishing us.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Canadians generally speaking, are too docile and stupid to demand change – it seems to me.

Don Taylor

People should follow your writing, Spencer, thank God we have you exposing the damage that is being done to our country by the incompetent Trudeau, PEOPLE let your voices be heard and read the truth, follow Spencer Fernando

yvon monahan

We have the power and all we need are charismatic leaders who can motivate the people in taking action !

Gonzo the Magnificent

Be careful of charismatic leaders Yvon! Watch them all – like a hawk!

Clive Edwards

Macron needs to find a source of transfer payments. Turdo keeps Canada’s “French” quiet by stealing money from Alberta and giving it to Quebec. If Macron could steal money from Britain and give it to his “French” they would let him get away with anything, no matter how traitorous.

Ivan Hawkes

The media can reflect this issue onto JUST a carbon tax, however I believe people’s revolt also reflects their anger being fuming mad over the migration issue that has been so very destructive to their country. Socially and economically Europe is being taken DOWN by the same globalist agenda that Justin is now pushing onto Canada.