THE NO-CARBON CHALLENGE! Nominate Catherine McKenna To Live Fossil Fuel Free!

We believe McKenna can succeed in this ‘no carbon challenge!’

Catherine McKenna loves telling the rest of us how to live.

But interestingly, it seems she prefers to give advice than take it.

While lecturing all of us on what to do, McKenna still flies around the world, racking up a big carbon footprint and using tons of fossil fuels.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way!

On Twitter, Gary Lamphier has nominated Catherine McKenna “to live fossil fuel free,” and calls on her to “accept the no-carbon challenge.”

“I nominate Catherine McKenna to be the first Canadian to live fossil fuel free. Will you accept the no-carbon challenge, Catherine ???

This is an amazing opportunity for McKenna to really live true to her principles. After all, there’s no better way to show you believe in ending the carbon economy than going 100% carbon free!

Plus, while others may say that Canada has high emissions because our country is incredibly spread out and it’s super cold here compared to almost every other country, McKenna doesn’t let little things like facts get in her way. She says we need to slash our emissions and devastate our own economy, even while China gets to keep polluting.

So, she can really lead by example and accept the ‘no-carbon challenge,’ showing how ‘easy’ it is to live in Canada without using any fossil fuels or using anything related to the fossil fuel industry.

It should be really easy, since McKenna keeps saying how easy it is for the rest of us!

Help share this post and informally nominate Catherine McKenna to accept the challenge!

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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