‘TRANSPARENCY’: Trudeau Government Hides Info On Report From Disaster India Trip (PHOTO)

Weird. What happened to all that “openness and transparency?”

Justin Trudeau repeatedly promised to run the most “open and transparent” government in history.

Of course, he made that promise when he was seeking power.

Once he had that power, all of a sudden he closed the government up to Canadians.

In fact, for all his criticism of the Harper government, the Information Commissioner has repeatedly noted that the Trudeau government is less willing to share information than the past Conservative government was.

As shared by the Opposition on Twitter, here’s part of the government report into Trudeau’s disastrous trip. Look how much has been redacted:

Trudeau India Trip Report Redacted


So transparent!

So open!

What makes this all worse is how the Trudeau government is so willing to take our personal info – including supporting Stats Canada’s evil plan to take our banking info without permission – yet has no trouble hiding information from us.

It’s a total reversal of the way things are supposed to work. The government is supposed to work for us, which means they should be protecting our privacy, while being transparent with information.

But that’s not how things work lately. Instead of acting like a servant, the government sees itself as our master. And hiding info on Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India is exactly what you would expect from a government that sees itself as above the People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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