UN ‘Climate Leaders’ Call For “Deep Transformations Of Our Economies And Societies”

Translation: Get ready for more tax hikes and loss of national sovereignty.

As we’ve repeatedly seen, the elites never stop demanding more and more of our money, and more and more control over our lives.

They want everything centralized, and they want to shut down entire industries and devastate workers, while of course leaving their own elitist lifestyle intact.

So, it’s not a big surprise to see the latest comments from a group of previous UN ‘climate leaders’:

“The impacts of climate change are increasingly hard to ignore. We require deep transformations of our economies and societies.”

The current UN climate head also echoed that sentiment, saying “This reality is telling us that we need to do much more.”

And as you already probably guessed, they’ve moved the goalposts again.

They’re now saying the Paris Accord, which includes targets that would devastate Western economies while letting China keep on increasing emissions for nearly two decades, isn’t enough.

Now, they say the Paris targets have to “triple.”

It’s the same deception and bait-and-switch approach we see here in Canada with the Trudeau government. Their carbon tax is set to keep going up and up and up, and would have to increase massively to hit the targets the Trudeau Liberals say they’re planning to reach – even though nothing we can do in Canada will have any impact on global emissions.

Oh, and it’s also undeniably a massive global wealth redistribution scheme:

As reported by the AFP, “Poorer nations argue that rich countries, which are responsible for the vast majority of historic carbon emissions, must help others to fund climate action.”

So, not only will we be taxed massively here in Canada, not only will we lose control of our national policies to the United Nations, we will also see more and more of our money leave our borders and go to foreign countries – even as many Canadians here at home are in need of help.

And as I noted earlier, none of this will impact the elites, who will keep flying around the world and living large at our expense, while lecturing us on how to live.

That’s why we must reject the efforts by the UN to tell us how to run our economy and our country, protect our national sovereignty, and act in the interests of the Canadian People, not the UN elites.

Spencer Fernando


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