VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Tells Trudeau Liberals To REJECT United Nations Global Compact On Migration

“We believe Canada must always be in control of its borders.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has officially rejected the UN Global Compact on Migration, and is calling on the Trudeau Liberals not to sign it.

That position had previously been taken by People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier, and Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel.

Rempel’s announcement of opposition to the deal had been made on behalf of the Conservatives, but many were waiting to hear it from Scheer himself.

Now, Scheer has opposed the migration compact, saying “We believe Canada must always be in control of its borders, and we must have full autonomy over who we let into our country.”

Added Scheer, “it is for these reasons that we strongly oppose Justin Trudeau’s plan to sign Canada on to the UN Global Compact on Migration.”

Scheer also warned about the dangers of the UN Compact:

“It gives influence over Canada’s immigration system to foreign entities. It attempts to influence how our free, and independent media report on immigration issues. And it could open the door to foreign bureaucrats telling Canada how to manage our borders.”

Here’s Scheer’s full statement:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

I am glad to hear the conservatives rejecting the Liberals idea of giving away our rights to the corrupt UN

don morris

My god, that man is a dull speaker! I agree completely with WHAT Scheer says, but not HOW he says it. He sounds like he’s reading the daily farm report at CKOS-TV in Yorkton.

And believe me, a good speaking voice is essential in the monumental task Scheer and the CPC have before them. We are screwed.

Greg Bolt

Scheer May have some speaking faults but he is leaps and bounds ahead of Turdo who can’t say anything without shuddering/mixing words and repeating du du au , au, au ,au .To think Turdo has education? It sure does not sound like Turdo got past kindergarten !


Trudeau is to arrogant and stupid to listen to anyone, especially Mr Scheer. Trudeau thinks he knows everything, remember he a part time drama teacher.

Joann Wladyko


D McKibbon

Its almost inconceivable that Canada could even be debating the possibility of signing away sovereignty to some band of foreign nations. Not what people have fought and died for protecting this nation.
To sign this and give away control over the nation’s boarders is a purely treasonous act

Alexander S. Romanchuk

ZOWIE! Scheer FINALLY telling Trudeau that he and his CPC members are OPPOSED to Trudeau, or his UN Ambassador, signing the UN Compact. Is he coming out of his shell, this Scheer?


Even the NDP voted on the side of the Liberals. Are they al l mentally sick.

Mike Allan

I understand this is being signed on December 10/2018.what what gives trudope the power to sell our sovereignty to the globalist UN.What’s the little socialist dictator trying to do without putting this up for a vote/referendum.How will Canada deal with third world illegals.No what we won’t because in 11 months there will not be any country.With industry slipping off the edge and the debt sky high.We the people own this country lock,stock and barrel.Trudope works for all Canadian’s not the other way around.Each province needs to take a vote to see where we stand like the UK did with Brexit.Should… Read more »

Shawn Brake

Way to go scheer..this little potato turd needs to shut up and stop speaking for canadians we don’t want you to as we want nothing to do with the un or you for that matter