WATCH: Catherine McKenna Gives Terrible Answer To Canadian Grain Farmer Worried About Carbon Tax

McKenna clearly has zero idea what she’s talking about.

Canadian Grain Farmer Megz Reynolds @farmermegzz recently told Catherine McKenna that as a farmer, she’s in an industry where she can’t pass on the cost of the carbon tax to her operations, saying “it will be an extremely challenging bill for a lot of farmers to be able to deal with.”

As you can imagine, Catherine McKenna’s answer was terrible. You can watch it below:

After McKenna’s awful answer, Reynolds responded:

“This morning on I posed a question regarding and I received a very out of touch answer so here is my question again in full and my response to her answer.”

As you can tell, Reynolds knows far more about the impact of the carbon tax than McKenna does. In a common-sense world, the government would listen to people like Reynolds, scrap the carbon tax, and stop hurting Canada’s farmers and Canadians as a whole with the destructive tax.

But that’s not what McKenna is doing. She and Trudeau are imposing the tax anyway, arrogantly lecturing the rest of us, even when they have no real idea what they’re talking about.

After all, their own wealth and their own elitist lifestyles won’t be impacted by the carbon tax, and they don’t care what happens to grain farmers, workers, families, consumers, or anyone else in our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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