WATCH: Catherine McKenna Gives Terrible Answer To Canadian Grain Farmer Worried About Carbon Tax

McKenna clearly has zero idea what she’s talking about.

Canadian Grain Farmer Megz Reynolds @farmermegzz recently told Catherine McKenna that as a farmer, she’s in an industry where she can’t pass on the cost of the carbon tax to her operations, saying “it will be an extremely challenging bill for a lot of farmers to be able to deal with.”

As you can imagine, Catherine McKenna’s answer was terrible. You can watch it below:

After McKenna’s awful answer, Reynolds responded:

“This morning on I posed a question regarding and I received a very out of touch answer so here is my question again in full and my response to her answer.”

As you can tell, Reynolds knows far more about the impact of the carbon tax than McKenna does. In a common-sense world, the government would listen to people like Reynolds, scrap the carbon tax, and stop hurting Canada’s farmers and Canadians as a whole with the destructive tax.

But that’s not what McKenna is doing. She and Trudeau are imposing the tax anyway, arrogantly lecturing the rest of us, even when they have no real idea what they’re talking about.

After all, their own wealth and their own elitist lifestyles won’t be impacted by the carbon tax, and they don’t care what happens to grain farmers, workers, families, consumers, or anyone else in our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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D. Met

This farmer has McKenna’s number. While Climate Barber spews nonsensical Liberal policy and pie-in-the-sky ideas, she is decidedly blind to hearing reality! Here we have an individual who is literally being lectured to by an arrogant, out-of-touch politician on how better to do her job! When was the last time Climate Barbie planted a farm? Maybe McKenna and her boss, the Kokanee Groper, need some lessons on how to better govern because ANYONE with half a brain could do it better!

Ross Ayotte

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Apr 25, 2018 – The federal government’s summer job program is providing funding for a … Opponents of the Trans Mountain pipeline

Don Taylor

This young woman knows what she is talking about and clearly showed the incompetence of the dimwit McKenna,the Carbon tax is clearly a money grab by the Liberal Lunatics for their own pockets


Artificial intelligence? McKenna personifies artificial intelligence.


You remember when remarks like that used to be called “Blonde remarks”. Now I used to be a blonde, so this has nothing to do with blondes. I loved being one. It’s just this Blonde is so utterly stupid it’s extremely baffling why she was ever put in her position in the government. Shame on Trudope and his whole party for continuing with with this charade! But then, it’s the leader who should be classed as baffling, and completely inept!


Barbie gives blondes a bad name.

Jerome Cohen

Why ? Diversity quotas must be met. Just for asking proves you are anti woman Eleanor…. you need to become a feminist like our dear leader


can you imagine that those moron liberals think they know MORE than those who make a living out of what they manage ?? it is disgusting to see this bunch of liberal chastisers convince themselves and think they can LEAD …


in other words mckenna has no clue what she is talking about and no idea of the real impact her carbon tax will have on canadian farmers.

Richard Courtemanche

Raise the white flag, Catherine! Don’t ruin what’s left of your reputation! What you’ve done thus far is more embarrassing to your daughters than being called Barbie. Well, being subservient to Trudeau could be worse.


My God, I can not believe she is still out there representing Canada. Will somebody please check her credentials? It’s been nice lately though not having to see her so much. Trudeau let her out of pergatory?

shawn harris

McKenna continues to earn and continues to prove exactly why she is know all across Canada as Climate change Barbie, because like the play doll, she is also both vacuous, and useless when it comes to knowing or understanding complex issues such as farming. No one, especially McKenna or Trudeau should ever try to tell someone , especially a farmer how to run their business. Because in this case both Trudeau and McKenna have zero experience, knowledge or wisdom to give to farmers who feed Canada and Canadians. It also doesn’t help to solve this problem or the numerous other… Read more »

Clive Edwards

These naïve and ignorant young whelps are a good reason to restrict voting, let alone serving in office, to those over age 65. They are still playing Barbie and Ken.

Bev Sesink

McKenna is saying that farmers need to find ways to improve how they do farming to compensate for the carbon tax. Easier said than done.


farmermegzz – Invite barbie to your farm for a few days and see what she suggests to improve your operation. A toonie says she won’t show up as she will be busy in some foreign country.

Suggestion – you can’t pass on the carbon tax, so simply deduct it from your income tax, PLUS GST and your own bookkeeping expenses. My Director’s fees were tremendous.

A thought – when we do our income taxes, we are working for the Government. We deserve the pay and benefits given to subcontractors or even Government employees..

mike sweet

i lived on a farm and worked on them in my younger years and that had to be one of the biggest insults to any farmer or rancher its a miracle mckenna can go into farm country without getting chased out for this liberal lunacy

Eric Blair

Two comments on this: 1. If Megz Reynolds was wear at little more head and face covering in the same vein as, say a niqab, I think that McKenna would have answered her a lot differently and 2. Should not the Minister of Agriculture, the honourable Lawrence MacAuley, have answered these questions as what Magz is talking about is detailed knowledge that an minister of agriculture ought to know about. Trouble is he represents a riding in PEI so potatoes are his thing. Yeah the minister of ag does not get to answer ag questions on the CBC. He is… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

What Ms Reynolds and others do not realize is that the long range plan of the AGW religion is to destroy agriculture as Ms Reynolds knows it and as I knew it (retired now).

marjorie craw

When Canada has a carbon foootprint of less than 2% globally and there are hundreds of coal plants being built in the Middle East why are we under such pressure to reduce. Does this mean that the pollution will not somehow blow our way. I know this seems an inane question … anyone?


This is what happens when someone that knows what they’re talking about comes up against a complete nonsensical bag of wind!


The government of Justin is about tax, tax, more bureaucrats. A farmer lives in a real world of working to pay bills…..

Chris Wallace

I’m still trying to figure out how the Liberals will change the weather. Do they pay the carbon tax directly to their weather gods? When can we expect the weather from the good old days to come back?