Bank Of Canada Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged, Appears Concerned About Weakening Economy

The consequences of Justin Trudeau’s failed economic policies are adding up, and the evidence of a weakening Canadian economy is piling up.

The Bank of Canada has held interest rates at 1.75%, seeming much less bullish about the economy than in previous statements.

The Bank tried to sound somewhat balanced, saying they expect “Business investment outside the energy sector is expected to strengthen with the signing of the USMCA, new federal government tax measures, and ongoing capacity constraints.”

However, they also said “activity in Canada’s energy sector will likely be materially weaker than expected.”

Notably, the decline in business investment in Canada has been a steady feature of Trudeau’s time in office, even before the uncertainty surrounding trade with the U.S.

Trudeau has piled on tons of new regulations, is imposing a widely-opposed and economically destructive carbon tax, and shows little willingness to support the Canadian economy, instead preferring to hurt the pocketbooks of Canadians in an effort to garner praise from the global elites.

And while the Bank of Canada will never say any of that, the fact that they have held interest rates steady, and are seemingly growing more concerned about economic weakness, shows that they are beginning to recognize the damage from Justin Trudeau’s policies.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

There should not be any doubt that Turdeau is on a path to destroy Canada as we know it, in order to please his globalist masters
Turdeau has to go


Maybe worried about a Canadian Yellow Vest protest, if the economy gets worse, which it will?

Clive Edwards

The Bank of Canada – the same idiots who sold off Canada’s gold reserves.

Ed Peeebles

At Least the Bank is Aware of Justin and Appreciate that like the Stomach Flu , He Too will Pass!