CFO Of China’s Huawei Technologies Arrested By Canadian Authorities

The U.S. wants Wanzhou Meng extradited due to suspicions she attempted to circumvent U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Wanzhou Meng – the chief financial officer of Huawei – a Chinese technology company – has been arrested by Canadian authorities in Vancouver.

According to the Globe & Mail, “A Canadian source with knowledge of the arrest said U.S. law enforcement authorities are alleging that Ms. Meng tried to evade the U.S. trade embargo against Iran but provided no further details. U.S. prosecutors in New York have been investigating whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions in relation to Iran. News of the probe broke in April 2018 when it was reported by the Wall Street Journal.”

The U.S. wants Meng extradited to their territory.

This is the latest concerning incident surrounding Huawei. In Canada, and among many of Canada’s allies, there are serious concerns about Huawei having access to 5G networks, due to fears of espionage.

As we know, all companies in China are basically extensions of the Communist Party, and are thus a potential threat to democratic nations.

Yet despite repeated warnings, the Trudeau Liberals have shown little willingness to restrict Huawei, and the company is continuing to grow their presence in Canada. Perhaps the government is finally starting to reconsider that mistaken course.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube