POLL: Canadians Overwhelmingly Oppose Public Servants Wearing Niqab Or Burka

Most other symbols, including Crucifix and Star of David are widely accepted by the Canadian People.

A new Angus-Reid survey shows widespread opposition among Canadians towards public servants wearing a Niqab or Burka while on the job.

There is also substantial opposition to the Kirpan, the small dagger carried by some Sikhs.

Here are the key numbers on whether Canadians would support public servants wearing the following religious symbols while on the job:

Crucifix – 79% support, 14% oppose

Star of David – 78% support, 15% oppose

Nun’s Habit – 71% support, 22% oppose

Kippa – 68% support, 24% oppose

Turban – 64% support, 30% oppose

Hijab – 62% support, 33% oppose

Kirpan – 21% support, 68% oppose

Niqab – 17% support, 75% oppose

Burka – 15% support, 77% oppose

These numbers make sense. The dividing line is clearly the full covering of the body and the face, and the carrying of something that (while the Kirpan is considered ceremonial), is still technically a knife.

Additionally, while the elites have tried to call opposition to the Niqab and Burka ‘Islamophobic,’ there is a clear difference between views on the Hijab (majority support), and the full face/body covering Niqab and Burka.

Canadians are making it clear that there are some things we don’t find acceptable or compatible with our tradition of freedom and individual rights. And the Niqab and Burka being worn by a public servant are simply not acceptable to the vast majority of Canadians.

Instead of lecturing us about how we are ‘supposed’ to think, it’s time for politicians to listen and have the courage to defend Canadian Values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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