Trudeau Liberals Defeat Conservative Motion That Called For Rejecting UN Migration Pact & Securing Canada’s Borders

Looks like the Liberals would rather let foreign institutions influence Canada’s immigration system, throwing away our Canadian sovereignty.

In the House of Commons, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked for unanimous consent for a motion calling on the Trudeau government to reject the UN Global Compact on Migration and secure the border.

The Liberals refused to give unanimous consent, defeating the motion and making their position clear: The Trudeau Liberals are glad to sign over Canada’s sovereignty to global institutions and give away control over our immigration system.

It’s a disturbing day for Canada, when our own government won’t protect Canadian sovereignty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Norbert Kausen

This is going to get ridiculous!!! Those liberal BUMS need to be charged with TREASON!!!!!


Hopefully when he is voted out it can be overturned in 2019.

LaVerne Keller

Well it is apparently legally a non binding pact, but knowing this twat waffle I wouldn’t be surprised if he ensures that parliament ratifies it before the election. If he does that than we can expect even if we manage to annihilate the lieberals in next falls election that the Supreme Court of Canada will behave exactly like they did when Harper tried to ban the Burqua and Niqab to be worn for swearing the oath of allegiance during citizenship actions, meaning they’ll block it at every step along the way. We have to remember that the courts in Canada… Read more »




No surprise here, why wouldn’t he do that, he had a hand in drafting it up didn’t he?

Ed Peeebles

Know there can Be No Question as to the extent of The Treason put Forward by Our Prime Minister , Who will Demand his Resignation Now ?


The damage that Trudeau has done to Canada and will continue to do throughout his term, all for his ego, is astounding. This Global Migration Pact is dangerous on so many levels but Trudeau doesn’t care as long as he’s seen as the poster boy for progressiveness. How I weep for Canada.

Mike Allan

Trudope you were hired/elected by thoughtless libtards but never the less you work for We the people not the other way around.lets have a brexit/ referendum vote by all law abiding Canadian’s in each province to find out the real voice of Canada. I say the people will vote NO UN agenda 21 socialist globalist will ever run our country.Mr Scheer pls get this started immediately.

Major Tom

If Canadian law doesn’t mean anything to Justin ie. Customs Act. Immigration Act…..why should Canadians obey any laws?


Perhaps a Canadian version of the yellow vest movement in Canada and get rid of this UN puppet.


absolutely outrageous. Trudeau must be arrested!

rob j

google KALERGI PLAN…………………interesting reading


Please read the comments on Andrews tweet, sickening


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