VIDEO: Trudeau Arrogantly Dismisses Canadians Who Oppose UN Global Migration Compact

Apparently, Trudeau thinks that being against giving control of our immigration system to the UN somehow equals opposing immigration.

With more and more Canadians – and people around the world – turning against the sovereignty-robbing UN Global Compact on Migration, the Opposition has officially called for the Trudeau Liberals to not sign the agreement.

Following in the footsteps of People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced that he opposed the Compact, warning of the negative impacts it would have on Canada.

In Question Period, Scheer asked Trudeau not to sign the compact.

In response, Trudeau showed respect for Canadians who opposed the deal, and pledged to listen to different points of view…


Of course he didn’t do that.

Instead, he arrogantly dismissed the concerns – and thereby dismissed the concerns of Canadians – as “Rebel Media talking points.”

Quite ironic since the phrase “Rebel Media talking points” is itself a talking point written up for Trudeau by the PMO.

One thing you’ll note about Trudeau’s ‘answer’ is how he somehow lumps together support for legal immigration with supporting the UN having control over our immigration system. Those are two totally different things. You can support legal immigration and want it to be controlled by Canada, while also opposing the surrender of our sovereignty to the UN through the Compact.

But Trudeau is either incapable of understanding that kind of nuance, or he’s purposely ignoring it to try and score some political points. Either way, he once again shows his contempt for Canadians who disagree with him, and shows his repeated willingness to sell us out to the United Nations.

You can watch the Scheer vs Trudeau exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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D. Met

When has Trudeau not dismissed the will of Canadians? He’s a self-serving opportunistic authoritarian that has no business being the prime minister of Canada.


Trudeau is a mental case with anger issues and is ruining Canada!!

Beverley Campbell

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, his rage is barely suppressed, I agree he is ruining Canada.


The areas of politics Trudeau is best at are telling 1/2 truths &/or outright lies & putting the globalist spin on every issue to suit his own pathetic worldview agenda. Enough!!

Glen Aldridge

Just who is Trudeau representing? It sure as hell isn’t Canadians!

shawn harris

The way Trudeau talks about immigration , our soverignty, our borders and the UN, it begs the question when will Trudeau finally admit to what everyone already knows, that he is selling Canada and Canadians out to his elite globalist friends at the UN. And he is doing this for only one reason to gratify his enormously evil ego and to impress fellow globalists such as himself. Trudeau, by not condemning this UN nation destroying Global Compact on immigration, shows exactly where his allegiance lies, it isn’t with Canada or Canadians and for that reason alone, he should and must… Read more »


You are correct. Trudeau should be charged for treason against the Canadian people and the Canadian govt.

Mike Allan

To late now.The bill gets signed on Dec/102018.That is my understanding.As for how long it takes to go into full effect?

Mike Allan

So people Thanks for you votes.You will see that trudope is indeed voting against all the hard working law abiding citizens of Canada.So between the globalist UN and trudope our sovereignty is at stake and our only recourse is to fully stand together and stop trudope’ massive migration sweep of the country we once were proud of.It is now 7 pm Dec10/2018

Beverley Campbell

What I need to know is, by what authority is he able to sign this compact?


This is how parlimentary government works. You don’t get a say. Decisions are made for you. SOOOOO, does it work?

conrad nelson

the country needs to follow the French example and revolt against this criminal government in power. this is not what the Canadian want. Canada needs to withdraw from both the UN and the Paris Accord and avoid globalism at all costs. We need to preserve out heritage and culture, that Trudeau and his minions have sought to destroy

Moe. S.

This UN Global Compact Migration agreement is a perfect example of how dangerous Trudeau’s ignorance and lack of concern for how this will impact the citizens of Canada. The objective of this UN Global? To ‘normalize’ mass migration and make mass migration a ‘global right.’ Borders will exist in theory, national sovereignty will become non-existent, and the UN will dictate who comes to your country. Who runs the UN today? Turkey; Saudi Arabia; Pakistan; Venezuela; Cuba; China; Congo; and Eritrea. These are the countries who plan to move hundreds of millions of migrants, who have excess people they can’t pay… Read more »

.Peter black

We are making progress. butts and his puppet are now recognizing the REBEL MEDIA. They have seen nothing yet. By Nov 2019 they will wish they had never coined that phrase.

Clive Edwards

The first and most important test of any leader, anywhere in the world, is, “does this considered action diminish my nation’s sovereignty”? By that test, both Brian Mulroney – responsible for the original NAFTA and Turdo – responsible for NAFTA 2 are traitors. The difference, of course, is that Turdo doesn’t understand what he is doing.


You’re too late, you sock-clown!
Most Canadians dismissed you long ago…we can barely tolerate your stupidity and arrogance.
Start rolling your socks…’re gonna be history in a few short months. Pffffft…

Christopher Kastner

If Trudeau truly supports Canada and transparency he will put in place legislation that makes elected officials personally liable for maximum fines and periods of incarceration beyond those in place for average citizens when found guilty of corruption. He will put in place ab entirely non-partisan commission of investigators comprised of average citizens like “white male construction workers” (comparable to Hillary’s deplorables” as well as women, LGBTQXYZZZZZzzzz, peoples of all faiths, a smattering or two of folk that still buy what he’s selling? Many of the current judiciary have already been found lacking so that’s a shallow cesspool. This guy… Read more »

Mark Hathaway

The sad thing is that this maniac is going to sign this pact before we cab oust him in 2019.


VERY scary.

Jerome Gross

That look on his face is so embarrassing for for someone who is suppose to be a Prime Minister…like he ready to blow a gasket.

Loretta Juneau

Yellow vest Canada Trudeau must be stopped

David MacKAY

Canadians have yet to wrap their heads around the fact that Justin Trudeau sees himself as a dictator and he will do what a dictator wants to do and not listen to the people. This is the same PM who before being elected told his MP that they could only think his way ie Pro Abortion in all its forms or they could not run as a Liberal MP. In other words its Justin’s way or the Hi-Way
His majority party must vote as he wishes and debate is merely a formality of little to no consequence.


But globalist-1st soy boy, what you say has to actually make sense for Canada and Canadians. Losing control of Canada’s sovereignty and immigration by handing over the reigns to the U.N. is suicidal to say the least. I don’t want Canada to be the next Sweden or U.K. or Germany because of a massive and traitorously stupid idea like this. Selling out your own country for a coveted [by Justin] seat on the U.N. security council? He’s in the pocket. This dangerous virtue signalling imbecile is turning out worse than I feared.

Debraha Yoner

He is a bully

rob j

castro jr. is implementing the KALERGI PLAN ! google it!


There you have it folks. Trudeau is not representing Canadian values.

Rod Hollinger

Trudeau what a prick . If he does this he should
Brought up
On charges of treason along with anyone else that
Supports this. The Canadian people did not give him the right to do this . The majority of the country is against him .


Trudeau is even trying to deepen his voice in order to sound more authoritative. I hope the conservatives are watching how Trudeau is tipping his hand for the coming election. His talking points are new. They are being tried out and through social media the Liberals will see what catches on as their sheep repeat by bleating them back. His recent interviews with his pet media are covering all kinds of topics from many angles as they test what might work. As to this topic, Trudeau is simply proving that he cannot change. On the world stage Trudeau is irrelevant… Read more »


Trudeau uses Liberal debate method #1 ad hominem right out of the gate. To defend the UN’s blatant call for the muzzling of the media. The UN press rep said outright and in no uncertain terms that it will be considered illegal to criticize the pact. He told this to reporters before they were allowed to hear the proceedings. That is the very definition of making free speech illegal and calling it do is far from a “Rebel Media talking point.”