WATCH: Scheer Says Trudeau Was “Humiliated” Into Backing Down On Taking Our Banking Data

Scheer says Conservatives will keep speaking out on behalf of all Canadians.

With Stats Canada announcing that they are temporarily backing down on their outrage-provoking plan to take the private banking data of Canadians, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is taking credit.

The Conservatives made the data-theft plan into a national issue, and relentlessly ripped into the Trudeau Liberals.

While Trudeau originally defended the scheme, he and Stats Canada eventually backed down in the face of mounting public outrage.

As Scheer points out, it’s a repeated pattern with Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, who have to be “humiliated” and “embarrassed” into doing the right thing.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thank you Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party, there is great need to have an election very soon as I am afraid we will end up like California, Florida etc., with much election fraud the longer this traitorous U,N, run Lieberal party has way more power than a real democratic country should let politicians take.


The time is now, consequently, to get to know our electoral process… identify any holes that electoral fraud can be twisted through, and make damn sure to prevent it. My bet is that US Democrats will be up here in ’19 to coach Liberal backers. We need to put a harsh light on anyone we’re able to catch. Riding by riding, we need to secure an honest election in each.

Marion Leyland

Great Andrew – keep their feet to the fire!


Unfortunately that is exactly the truth with this government. It is also sad that governments in general will not make the honest, correct and ethical decisions – what’s best for the nation as a whole, but instead make decisions based on what will garner themselves more votes, support, etc. BC is a great example. This illegitimate federal government didn’t enforce the rule of law and arrest the illegal protesters blockading an approved, legal project that had already ran through years of negotiations, consultations and regulatory hurdles – the TMX. Doing so would have benefited ALL of Canada but could have… Read more »


This is great news. It shouldn’t have even been an issue but with wannabe dictator trudeau & his rats it was. As always.